Saturday, 2 February 2013

Soap and Glory

So Soap and Glory is a British well loved brand, Well known for its quirky no nonsense packaging and also its bathing products and award winning body butter.
I love this brands quirky use of old style pin up girls and going back to a vintage sense of time where a woman was almost expected to always look good. This brand incoperates the funny humour of that with the fact that now us women deserve a damn good pampering with all we do in daily life.

So as you may notice in some of the namings is a funny backhand at some well known sayings that in turn would be rude but they have been cleverly twisted. I love a quirky brand not afraid to use a bit of humour as if you cant laugh when your pampering yourself then its just a chore.  Trust me if i didnt have some good old cheese blaring in my ears whilst i am plucking my eye brows i would be just miserable and thinking "why .. oh .. why do i bother" ..... All women all over need a weekend day to just throw it all off let loose and just get down with some good music, Soap and glory products and forget theres a world outside.

  • So here is the goodies im reviewing

  • So we have the new Whipped Clean Shower Butter
Now this bad boy is massive and it says is a mix of velvety cocoa & shea butters, Grapeseed, sweet almond and macadamia nut oils. With the scent of pistaschio,Almond and sweet vanilla. Now on reading this you almost think did i accidently pick up something from the peanut butter aisle as how good does that sound ? You will see the witty pun on the back which is why i say this, as if i didnt know too try and taste it .... madness i know but its like lipgloss if it smells of cherry you just want to lick the stuff off lol
So again with the punny joke the packaging has a old style 50's mixer,as back then if mamma wanted some yummies she had to make them herself and believe me my nan had used oats when she was younger as a scrub. So the back and this is where Soap and glory just makes me giggle to myself loads as i think your so right with the above statement. In big letters warning : THIS IS NOT FOOD !! ITS A BODY WASH. Now i believe this is on all the products a cute little quip.
So its basically supposed to eliminate that need for a body butter being full of all that yumminess above, and again if your needing some infomation, it does say this will make your shower like a slip and slide as well its packed with oil and butter so just beware and stick the slip matt down. Ok peeps lol
Now smell ... i wish this blogger channel had smelly vision or someway i could zap a zing of this baby to you to just go ...ahhhhhhhh.
Now this i did use it and i love it no surprise, its creamy and i didnt need my body butter after really but as its winter technically still and it never hurts to give ur skin a good drink before we all start frying in summer. I applied my butter but i was silky like a babies butt as i stepped out of the shower.
Now forgive me but if i cant be a little cheeky in a soap and glory review well then i will never get another chance as its a cheeky product... Fact.
Im going on about this product but please take my word for it, it will come out like butter in the shower then lather up into this creamy lushness. In fact this creaminess sticks so fast its like its screaming noooooo i wanna stay on your skin.Maybe i just went too far with application as you dont need alot so maybe tommorrow ease up on the squeeze power.
So we reach my favourite type of yummy product as you all know i love my makeup like its like liberation in the Soap and Glory way of thinking and well i try and own alot. (No bragging intended)
So first product is my type of product il admit i have no shame
  • Sexy Mother Puker in Nudist
    Now you know youve hit product gold when a product compliments you before youve even opened the lid and well i was just going "naughty minx.. thank you" ... You may all think im mad but when i come to makeup i kid not. lol
    So swatchy your all asking
    This is a beautiful product i must say and ive come across alot of lip product in my time.I do not like tacky,sticky or just pah pah pah lipgloss or stains.  If i wanted silencing then id use a far more cheaper route believe me, so would my husband lol
    This is definatly in my top lip product this month and its battling hard core with the super saturated i reviewed of Urban decays. Its that same butter texture that just goes on and your lips go "yipee" like a ribena berry, this im happy to say is a colour i think would suit alot of people i was thinking omg its hinty orange here, but no on it brings out your lips tones if that makes sense. I will definatly do a looks with this range tommorrow as with uploading my others as as all us UK peeps know winter light is shocking and i need to get up at like dawn cracking to achieve a decent product photo. But this really does deserve a good picture as its so darn amazing. I actually want the whole set there so good.
    Now the other perk is i dont know if im the only woman out there who thinks makeup sharpeners are redundant ? I wont lie i hate any product i have to sharpen as well splinters in the face aint a look i want to rock. So this baby is a twisty stick so thumbs up Soap and Glory !! Adore this so if you can get to a local Boots to swatch some of these babies then please do as not just for the fact they feel amazing and the colours fab. Its a big thing i find with winter im salving like mental all winter and i do want some colour so i dont look ill all the time. We have another couple of months of this cold at least and its brilliant to transition into spring with. Plus its also a great handbag essential. The pointers are endless and im a fussy puker when it comes to lippy. 
  • Salon Powder in Bronzo (How sexy is that ? .... damn sexy i think )
Ok so Salon powder i was i admit dubious about as im not a bronzy (now) type of girl as i think humm i naturally olive skinned and yes i can get away with this as a result of that but i myself in winter for some reason my face goes a little less olive almost a tone lighter then my all over skin- tone. I dont know why maybe i just show the palor in my face of winter more then others but its why i need a darker foundation for winter then i do for summer. Im an odd specimin i know.
So i looked at this with trepidation i will admit thinking oh god, as the bronze half is well wont lie its spank my arse tan time isnt it. You see it thinking holy crap thats some bronze and when i looked this is the only colour so i was humm and multi-tonal bronzer. I know some colour its across the board but well some you really cannot get away with and this i thought was one of them.
It comes in the cutest case with a magnetic lid so no worry on snapping a nail off, The design again is just genius i think with the old style,lovely picture of a beautiful woman on the front and the 50's swimming costume with a real woman feel to it.
    So now ive noticed a pleasantly new thing that i really love and thats Soap and glory do some buttery lovely powders. The powder is shimmer based and on reading it more its supposed to give you more of a glow then a contour and highlight. In saying that with the swatch i was thinking this would be a nice spring shimmer highlight as its fresh and just light. Intensely light powder. Again im going to do a whole look with this as a swatch on the back of my hands not the same as my face. I wont lie i dont think this is a winter bronzer or meant to be used in winter, unless your going out as i say its shimmer central but on my face could be a different story. Plus this is not as dark either its hardly that colour bronze so you can build this up alot if you want too and its that light it wont feel cakey.
So i dont know if you can see but theres a hint of the colour and the highlight but alot of shimmer to it. So i will do a look with this on my face as i does look really pretty and i admit, if its not glitter central il be surprised. Plus im going to see if i can find a look for this powder to show it to its best as i think i would use this as a highlight and a face pick me up. Its a fairy godmother powder if im honest. Its says on the box to swirl your brush and powder all over including your chin and under. To give a sunkissed look. So yes in winter unless your a lucky puker that went to tenerife and just came back with that lovely glow then you need to wait till tan season for this ... unless of course you already tan all year around in which case this will make you look amazing.
  • Lid Stuff in Smokey Dokey

Oh Soap and Glory with these treasures you do spoil us. Now its like hollywood made a star and packaged this. Its really classy and beautiful and yes you will see a downside but again funny pun with it.  No brush. However it does say rather then add a cheap applicator and drive the price up we figured you would rather use your own... well yes i would so thanks for the common sense alot of companies lack Soap and Glory.
So these are in Smokey dokey and its like a mauve to smokey eye look for this palatte. I would use it for. Now the colours are
  • Diamond- dust : which is the top left corner and looks the light creamy bare colour
  • Chine : Is the light mauve colour with the soap and glory inprint.
  • Black gold : Is a matte colour and looks with a slight plum/brown hint
  • Smokin : Dark black matte consistancy with slight shimmer tones
So as you can see the colour is not too bad, the Chine is like a cream eyeshadow as its far more creamy then the others and its a light mauve. Your meant to build these colours up and they are nice and light, butter feel to them which honestly i was surprised. I wont lie i love my colour payoff, pigmentation and feel. I dont want to spend money on shadows that will hardly come off and you expect to find this in more expensive eyeshadows. Now these will be hit and miss to some people as they will be like oh there not like MAC or Urban decay. No there not and they dont claim to be but they are darn good, the colour as you can see swatched really well. They dont feel horrid they feel really nice and well i like them and cant wait to see if they blend as well as they have done on the swatches. Yes the lighter colours you need to use more then im used to but thats not a bad point to have as we can all build ... right, no colour is the worst point when testing eyeshadows and these have colour.

So i have one more product to show which is this

  • Archery - Brow Tint and Precision Shaping pencil in Brownie Points

Now i do fill my brows in and i use a powder and brush kit. I didnt personally get on with pencil as i know id be a person who could easy look like ive just gone gung hooo and 2 pencil lines later im on youve been framed.
So i loved the idea of the tint end however the pencil end i was like ... gasp why ? Tints a brilliant idea and when i swatched i was still thinking i really love the tint end. I just read the packaging and i feel a little more confident as well when i used pencils i was just getting into makeup and i didnt have alot of pencil control and liquid liner would end up like a hospital monitor on my eye. Now im older and i whoopie mastered the eye liner so i have a steady hand and use brushes for everything now. Im more confident with my skills then i was. So when it said to use the tint then pencil in the definition i was like phewww. No huge line.

So im going to test run all these products in looks and go shower myself in some more whipped yumminess so will upload the looks tommorrow......dolly sunday x


  1. I like Soap & Glory too though I think the skincare is generally better than the makeup. The makeup items I have bought from them have just been okay for me, not fab.

    Having said that the lip crayon and the shadow palette you have reviewed both look great....maybe once my ban is over I will indulge and try more of the makeup? xx

  2. Yeah i didnt manage to do my looks today, so il be up early doing them with these product and i must say i was playing with them and some are more seasonal then others. The bronzer is definatly summer and spring glowey feel and i need to see how the others blend and work.
    The sexy mother pucker , definatly if you can when off spending ban swatch some as they are really good and the chine eye shadow is really buttery x

  3. I love Soap & Glory but I haven't tried any of these specific products, so these reviews were really great for me. Thanks! :)


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