Sunday, 24 February 2013

GIG inspired Oscars Night Looks

So as part of celebrating the inspirational ceremony that is the Oscars, as a group decided lets have some fun with this, so as with all things i get quite flappy and well think hummmmm what to do as the oppertunity to get all free with a look can make me go 'yipeeeee' its the actual deciding that has me in a tizz .......

So i went with a cult classic and by all means i got inspiration as she is kinda a heroine of mine from loving the genre. Plus i love old style costume so this was kinda an obvious choice.

Now i picked to do the Look of Arwen, may i say i got inspiration ... im not going to ever look nor even come close to liv tylers beauty lol i wish lmaooo 

So i took emphasis on the flushed cheeks and rose bitten lips. Ive added some leaf assessories to my look to try and get the elven feel.

 So its quite a flushed look with definition on the cheeks and lips, the leaf hair band to keep in with the whole elfen look. Making the focus quite etherial. The hair is long and free like in most of the film Arwen's hair is free and in keeping with her style.
A bracelet i have that inspired my eye makeup with the greens and taupe glitters 

Another View 

So i hope you like my inspired look and that as the sun sets on our land of England and we tune in to the magic that is the Oscars we see some inspirational looks to set the tone for this new season in the world of fashion and beauty.

Thank you to 
Lisa Cope from LatinoLook
Debora from The Closet Lullaby
For organising such a wonderful tag post and all my Gig Girls xx 


  1. Newest follower here! I found your blog thorough the blog hop. It is super cute, I can't wait to read more! You can find my blog at


  2. Lovely look!

    Sita xx


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