Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Luxbox - Feb 2013

Ok so this will be my last month of Luxbox, due to the reasons being personal to myself that im not happy with the service offered.

So within this months box, which i must admit i was a little surprised to receive given these boxes are notoriously late every month and its usually the following month before its arrived.

So this months box contains 

  • Inika - New and Exclusive Creme colour for cheeks and Lips - Rosehip
  • Colour Me Beautiful - Crimson lip pencil
  • Balm Balm - Single Note EDP ylang ylang
  • The vintage cosmetic company - Retractable lip brush
  • Murad - Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask

Now i am a bit on the fence with this box i wont lie, I love the Inika and general makeup products and tools, However this is the second showing in consecutive months for Balm Balm, last month being the lip balm. Im all for showing a brand to people whom may not have come across it but show your prime product so people go and see what else is on offer, not swamp them in products hoping you'll hit gold with one somewhere down the line. Its a mistake made by a lot of companies thinking that if you include a product in each beauty box people will fall in love with it and in a rare case that will happen but more often then not it will make people sick of the sight of it.
So the products -
The Inika creme blush and lip colour, is in rosehip which is almost an orangey-red colour to the naked eye. It is a lovely creamy formula that does not need any warming or working to get an easy application and is highly pigmented.

So the pigment is very good indeed with a great colour payoff, little was needed to achieve this swatch. It is a lovely dusky rose with a slight hint of a shimmer included but its not grainy nor noticeable to touch. It would be a great lip stain and cheeks you would literally need a dab which would be enough to get a workable colour. Am very excited if not a little apprehensive about this for look week as i have never used a creme blush before thats this pigmented, most tend to be lighter then build upon the colour. Im sure it will be fine and i will just need to practice with every new skill or product.

The vintage cosmetic company is no stranger to the beauty world and its range of tools are well known by most. This retractable lip brush is rose gold casing and a light pastel pink handle, it has lips printed in old style font along the side. The brush itself is a good size and the bristles are flexible enough to achieve precise lines. It is a lovely brush but again proof will be in testing but the vintage cosmetic company is well known for its quality tools.

Balm Balms single note ylang ylang essential oil, its cloudy to the eye and its a generous sample size. However it is not my cup of tea, its far to strong but i prefer fruity scents to overly floral. So if you like floral scents this will be good for you. Personally i wont be using this. 

Murads pomegranate exfoliating mask is a sachet sample, again this is a luxbox staple brand which i don't mind as Murad is well known plus very good. However when testing skincare not much can be ascertained by a sachet of product. I like pomegranate and the scent of fruit and have enjoyed there products before so i look forward to using this.

Colour me beautiful's lip pencil in crimson is highly pigmented and a nice vivid red colour. Its not a company known to me, but from what i can gather by the insert included its a home consultation company and provider of services such as bridal makeup, makeup lessons and parties. So I'm assuming that products can only be bought through there representatives. Brochures are available. The packaging is nice and the feel of the liner is creamy consistency plus applies easily so again with looks day we i will be able to see if it does last the day.

Overall its a box thats filled with well known luxbox brands and when you subscribe to a beauty box you want to be wowed by something new and innovative, on saying that these products are great quality and i cant quibble about that bar the Balm Balm which I'm not satisfied with at all. 

So did you receive luxbox ? If so what are your thoughts ?


  1. Hmm I can see why you would be on the fence with this one... I don't really like seeing the same brand in consecutive boxes, but if it is a brand I really like, I live with it xx


    1. No and balm balm isnt a great brand to me from the products they have sent x

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog, following back and looking forward to getting to know you! The Real McCoy(s)

  3. Interesting - I've never tried luxbox but the service doesn't sound amazing! Lovely products but very small sample sizes and doubling up on brands is not great - hope you enjoy what you got though x

    1. It isnt and they got taken over last dec to stop all these problems with no joy so its not great x

  4. Meh, I hate when they send little sachets. It is really too hard to figure out if you like something from a sachet. The companies should just take the plunge and send out a good sized sample. It will pay off!

  5. so glad it wasnt just me thinking i had an odd box,i really am meh about lux, un subbed after a the change over last year lack of info,and thought i would resub from xmas box ,but the fact they say items are sourced months before etc , i feel fed up of lack of info ,late boxes,and some poxy sachets that mean nothing either send us decent samples so we can go on and buy or dont bother.i will see what my others are like ,


    1. I know exactly what you mean with all points made x not great at all

  6. I liked this months Luxbox. The only sample size was the murad mask, which I've altready tried, and actually enjoy using. Much better than last months!

    1. yes last month was a let down x

  7. I am also not happy with the service, it never arrives when they say it will. I emailed them cancelling my subscription, they ignored my request and still took my money. :-(


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