Sunday, 3 February 2013

January Empties 2013

So new year and new empties month .... ahhhhh poor empties

So what i have used and abused this month are......

  • Loccitaine Hand cream

Every now and again you come accross a product you just fall in love with and well Loccitanes hand creams are them. I recieved a few last year and was in love with the cherry blossom one all summer. I recieved the Tin at christmas and well this was the one i have used this month.
Its a light lovely scented hand cream really is lovely and soaks in so well. So again if near a Loccitane pop in and see if the lovely staff will give you a sachet to try.

  • Collection 2000 Primer
Now this has been really good to me, my skins been dry and horrid to work with all winter long. So this offered a wonderful base. Now if you dont like them silacone primers then this is not for you. This is like a velvety and looks like liquid silicone, so if your having a aweful skin day and nothing will do this will cover and make a layer.
It doesnt feel horrid and feels silky, but its just i know not everyones cup of tea and now my skins calming winters passing i will be moving on to a less heavy primer.

  • Bio-oil

Now this is full as i just finished and like a empty head i threw the old bottle without taking a pic. Now this again for my dry face is lovely for the evening, light and really good facial oil to use but its only downfall, it doesnt last long enough and its quite pricey so when this baby is done, my love will be over.

  • Matis Lip salve

Now this i got when i placed an order and also requested a sample, me and my mother in law love them. They are super moisturising and will lift the lips dead skin up if there dry so you can exfoliate them.
Tip : exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush, (all supermarkets will do a 10p cheap version if  you want seperate) it will lift the skin without being too harsh and then balm your lips again.

So my january empties ....... what products did you love and use all of this january month?


  1. Liking the tip regarding the lip exfoliating. Worth consideration for a low cost option. x

  2. I'm loving the hand cream. I had the rose one & it's gorgeous. I used it up so fast though as my skins terribly dry.
    I'm going to give the collection primer a try thanks.

  3. I have not heard of Matis, sounds interesting. Great tip with the toothbrush! x


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