Thursday, 28 February 2013

Khroma Beauty - Khloe Kardazzle palatte

So it may come as no surprise that the ever expanding Kardashian sisters are branching into there own brand of makeup.
Khroma is the new line released by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, each with there own unique palettes and shadings to match the individual looks of the sisters.
Now i am going to be reviewing the palate customed to Khloe, called the Kardazzle palettes.

Khloe Kardashian Odom

So the palate has a snakeskin imprint, with the Khroma logo in the bottom corner, 
Now this palette looks a fair size but its the size of your palm and does have a great ideal for travel, with a big mirror enclosed. However the packaging is my gripe. Its plastic and feels very cheap, It doesn't look like that its on closer inspection that you will find this out. The bottom is a drawer and pulls out, however the whole bottom comes away so rather then a drawer and a solid bottom in which to keep the palate balanced and level. I would have preferred the drawer to be incorporated and not the whole bottom slide out. Its minor little details but i think this would elevate the product if these were addressed. (I also hope my explanation of that made sense, lol )

So the bottom drawer has the Blusher, Highlight and bronzer enclosed, the top section is 4 matte shades and the bottom 4 being shimmery shades.
The pigments are ok with this palette, they do take a bit more working then i would have expected especially the matte colours, i found they did apply and transfer really well but i needed to build the colour up to be able to get them to blend-able levels. The only colour i really had an issue with was the brow colour as i just could not see it at all. The shimmer shades are the surprise of the palate, they are easy to blend and also i did not have any issue with fallout and you look, you can see these are packed with glitters. You would assume as i did, that these would be a nightmare for fallout. They adhere to your brush really easily and also to the eye with such ease, that i was wondering how did it come to be that the mattes were so hard to get great colour payoff but these shimmers were on par with a high end glitter shadow. 
They really were the saving grace of the palette and i enjoyed using them. 

The Blush was not too overtly pigmented on application and was easy to achieve a nice flush glow of colour, the same with the bronzer. I prefer these types of shades and pigments when its spring and going into summer as you don't need to spend ages contouring and blending in with a palette like this and its perfect for taking out or travel. The highlight i found was the section i enjoyed and loved the most, it added a nice light to under the eye, it wasn't overly shimmery even though it looks shimmer central on the swatch. It was really easy to apply and you did not need much at all. Literally one dab of my brush and it was enough for the eye bone. These colours are buildable. 

Eyeshadow swatches ( Matte and Shimmer)

 Blusher, Highlight and Bronzer

So in conclusion, this wasn't a terrible palette if your looking to have some shimmer colours that don't have bad fallout. The highlight and the shimmers are the stand out features of the Kardazzle. However with it being a line associated with such high profile women i feel they really should have taken more time and effort to get the packaging more on par with the look of the outer snakeskin pattern, completely feels wrong when you realise its plastic. It cheapens it for me and yes it not high end and not claiming to be, it was a let down personally for me. I would have expected a more durable material. It however while minor adds to the whole perception of a product, so tweaking still needed and they are on there way. 
My look i achieved with the palette was a nice neutral with a shimmer eye. Lovely Bronze/Brown colours with a hint of Gold/Bronze shimmer.
Now I've also used the Khroma Mascara Set with this look and i will reviewing that set also.


  1. I was looking at this range the other day its great to find an actual review on it!


  2. love make-up great blog! thanks for sharing1

    1. thank you for the lovely comment xx

  3. I think Khloe is my favourite Kardashian girl, seems the most level headed, so hers is the collection, whether clothes or make up, that i would choose out of the three of them. lovely review Tara.
    Angela x

    1. thank you hun and yep i love khloe too x

  4. great review, looks lovely! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

    1. thanks hun and id love too whats your link x :O)

  5. Hi there - I am a new follower from the blog hop. This is a great review. I hope you come check out my page too!

  6. I have this too! I have not posted my review of it, I completely agree with you about it - I was expecting something better. The palette is a lot smaller than I was expecting too! I think the price is too high to be honest

    Great post lovely xx

  7. This palette looks better then the other two, I think I'm gonna fall for the hype due to my make up addiction lol, xoxo.


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