Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Loreal - GlamShine (Caresse)

So exciting times from Loreal with the release of the Glam-shines Caresse which are being said to be a real alternative to the YSL Glossy stains. 
I must admit i don't own a YSL glossy stain, as much as i want one i cannot justify £22 on a lip stain.I have however seen many blogger review and done my homework on these stains and honestly bar the obvious change in brand i think these are a total alternative.

I will start with saying the packaging has to get a real mention here, as it is so classy and sleek. Rose gold and then the band around showing the colour inside. The Loreal logo embossed in a rectangle on the side and on the top the colour and code.

Loreal - Shines in Milady (Left) and Juliet (Right)

The wand and shade Milady 

So there is a choice of 6 colours available and i decided on the plum of milady and the red of juliet as these are 2 colours i have a lot of use out of plus i wanted to see if the pigments in the bright colours and plum did transfer to the product on application.

Swatches ( milady 402 top , Juliet 300 bottom)

So as you can see from the swatches the pigment is really intense and bright. Wonderful and i must say the stain was also just as pigmented on my lips. The wand is just like the YSL one and fits the lip perfectly making application really easy and no need to worry it will go everywhere. It fits the contour of the lip really well and also its so soft.
The stain is really light and transfers well to the lip, its not a sticky gloss but more of a light feeling and fragrance of sweet almost cherry like. I always usually apply a balm and when i first tried this product to see if it was needed then i must say it got a little drying so i would prime your lip before hand with a little balm just to add a little extra to the lips. I however personally have lips that do dry quite quickly so if you don't have this problem then you may not need this. Its just how my lips go in cold weather.
When i did it the second time and primed my lips, i didn't have this problem so it will i also think last longer if the lips are primed.

Colour is fabulous and the stain, well it stains the lips really and wont move. It is very similar in the sense of application method to pigment and finish from what I've seen, i will be very interested to see what people think whom do have the YSL , how this compares to it.
As far as if i think this is worth the £7.99 price tag then yes i do, as its defiantly the nicest stain I've tried in terms of the pigment, feeling and the presentation of the product is really stunning for the fact its a high street brand.
So it really does show that no matter what brand it is you can make it look beautiful like the high end of the market so i think Loreal have done a wonderful job on this product.

Do you have any of the lip stains ? How do you think High street is comparing to High end now ?



  1. Wow, these look amazing - that colour is so intense! Glad that there is also payoff on your lips! Added to the wishlist :)

    Futures; a Beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. I really do love these and well the presentation is lovely of them x i have put a few more nude colours on my wishlist too x

  2. These look so pretty!! and what a great review!!

    Love Emily xx


    1. thanks hun xx

      going to have a peak at your blog xx

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Excited to see all your beauty tips and tricks! Following back!

    1. thanks ashley xx yep have a few to cover all the multitude of sins ;O)

  4. Just found your cute blog through the blog hop. I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!


    1. thanks hun and will return the follow xx


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