Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Revlon - Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder

Revlon a well known company and i admit i haven't used many products lately as ive been busy trying to use up what i have ( impossible task ...... another story lol ) plus i also love my Colour Match foundation so when i do find a foundation that works i tend to only change my powder until i find a new medium to full cover foundation thats on the High street. I wish i could afford higher end but well not going to happen.

So with the release of the new Nearly naked foundation and powder. Said to be a broad spectrum ( ?? ) plus SPF 20 protection. Well everyone across the pond is loving this so i thought humm give it a go. I keep on tabs of new releases in America so that when they are due for release i can gauge if its a product suited for me and my needs.

So the Foundation in Nude and Powder in Fair 

So on first glance i was thinking wow dark, plus i used the Revlon.com shade picker as i had seen it was a bit of a shade minefield. So I'm usually the first in medium but that was just ridiculous dark. So i dropped down to light and while out of the 2 choices this was more my shade as the fair was too light. 
It does however blend well and does leave a dewy finish so you will need to if your like me leave it to dry for a few minutes.  Plus i found one coat too light a coverage so when i do use this tomorrow i will have to apply another coat to my cheek area which has a bit of redness, my nasal area and t-zone.
I think it will cover really well even though it is very liquid formula and also NO PUMP !! Why do companies do that ? It means more mess and just waste plus with it being this liquid its just not controllable.

Powder in Fair 

So the powder is in a white casing and i really don't like this packaging, it doesn't need to be this big and if you want to show the powder then forget the mirror as this is one hefty compact to have in your bag, the sponge is really soft and has a satin look to the top. Honestly i never use the sponges included so again its redundant.

The powder looks so dark being that its fair and the lightest shade but again i had to go down a shade, im glad i did as even though this comes off quite light it is my colour. So i have no idea what fair tones are going to do ? 
It did set the foundation really well and its a nice feeling powder. Not chalky or loads of fallout, which surprised me as i did swirl my finger fairly firm to see the resulting fly-away i would get with any compact but this is really quite non existent. So thats a really good sign and well i do have a pet peeve of having clean compacts and no excess powder. 

So my thoughts .... well the foundation is still to dark and it almost is like a tanning effect that I've now looked at my hand again and I'm noticing the edges are going slightly darker then the centre which is fully powdered so i think maybe il need to change this for a shade down or leave it for summer. So i would implore you to try and get to a Superdrug to swatch before you buy as the range of shades is not too vast but its easy to go a little wrong with it and then look tangoed.

The powder is weird the packaging lets it down greatly being that its bulky in design and well with the advancements in makeup and innovative thinking, it just seems like a step backwards. I know some high end brands have this shape but its slicker in that the mirror is set better and the white is just a little cheap looking. However the actual product is great , again you will need to swatch as the powder looks really dark until you have it on your skin and can see if this is the right one for you. It feels fine and not chalky, doesn't give that fallout a lot of powders give and will the product out of the 2 I'm expecting to like better.
These 2 products will be in this weeks looks posts and will give you again a more detailed account as to wear and lasting power.

So what are your thoughts on the new Nearly Naked range from Revlon ?

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