Saturday, 16 February 2013

Luxbox - January 2013

So that time of the month again, Luxbox.
Still no change with the issues of delivery and this month my box went walkies so hence the lateness of this review.

So next month will be my last Luxbox review as well i just feel compared to the other beauty boxes I'm not getting a good enough service. The products are good size and quality , however when it comes to customer care, its lacking.  That however is my opinion and experience of them.

So this month was 4 products due to the quality of one product in particular. Again if your selling 5 products then to only include 4 is short changing your customers.

The Box 


  • Dr Bragi - Bio Marine exfolliant 
  • John Masters Organics - Shampoo and Conditioner 
  • Balm Balm - Lip balm 

So apart from the bigger then usual Dr Bragi sample , the box is nothing special this month. 
I have only used the Balm Balm so far and well its a dainty little pot, I don't like pot lip salves as i find constantly dipping my finger in a little unhygienic so i don't buy these even if i do need a lip balm. Its my one gripe with it. I think its ok but there are better on the market i use. 
John Masters is again a brand i know and will use this to see what its like but i again wouldn't reach for it if i was going shopping. So that will be a product i will as a set do a review for to really go in depth.
Dr Bragi is a brand i know and this is a expensive product and i appreciate it being in my box. This again will be something i will need to do a whole review post for as its a high end sample and is expensive i would like to see the full extent of what it can do. 

So in terms of wow.... it was a let down but I'm looking forward to exploring and reviewing the products in a few weeks. 

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  1. Hmm I can see why you wasn't too impressed xx


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