Friday, 8 February 2013


Steamcream is a Multifunctional moisturiser that is made here in the UK and Japan. Its has the unique concept of blending its ingredients with a shot of steam as described. Its what gives the cream its unique way of absorbing into the skin quicker then any mixed branded cream.

Now another one of Steamcreams unique selling points is the packaging the cream comes to you in, a cute aliminium tin with a seemingly endless array of designs. Limited editions brought out to celebrate times of the year or showcase artists designs. Its a way of again the brand never getting boring and appealing to a wide array of people as theres a tin design for everyone.

So with its mix of essential oils and natural, vegan ingredients, its sourced to cater to the wider markets of the natural loving consumer.
Within the cream is a mix of
  • Oatmeal infusion- said to help with inflammatory to soothe and moisturise.
  • Orange flower water- Helps improve elasticity
  • Almond Oil -Contains high levels of Vitamin E which help condition and keep skin plump
  • Lavender Oil- Contains antiseptic properties, which can help sore and inflammed skin
  • Organic Jojoba Oil-Helps with absorbtion
  • Cocoa Butter- Helps blend the essential oils together
  • Then finished with a mix of essential oils to give a light fragrance. All picked for there toning , soothing and healing qualities.

So the tin of Steamcream i revieved was the range based on the makeup artist line and Jemma Kidd is the model on the front. Its a beautiful design with a real feel of quality before you have even opened the tin. The tin has the Steamcream branding embossed around the side and also is a deep set tin, so its a definate travel friendly brand. I will love having this tin in my handbag to take out and address and dry skin issues when im out and about. Its secure in the fact that its a functional tin that can be kept once you have finished with the cream inside.

The cream inside looks thick and luxiourious, It has a lightweight feel to it with a definate fragrance of lavender and other floral scents. Its not too over-powering and sits on the skin nicely. It does absorb in fairly quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised, A little does go a long way with you not needing alot for your hands at all. Even though it looks thick it spreads thinly on the skin.
This cream is not like any moisturiser ive used before in the fact that it is so light when you use it. As its got a hint of a lavender fragrance the cream is perfect to be used at night, to help aid with sleeping as lavender is naturally use as a sleeping essential oil. You can use this cream on any part of your body, which certainly does make days you need to save time instead of  having to mix and switch creams.
I have noticed in using it on my hands that they are softer and the nail beds also look more hydrated and healthy. Its a efficent cream that doesnt change, which shows the fact the cream perfoms and the only thing that changes is the tin in which its contained in.

The range of tins to choose from is vast , so why not see if there is a tin for you.


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