Friday, 8 February 2013

Looks this week (Theodora Palatte, Soap and Glory)

So well ive had a few makeup products to use and test run this week and well apologies for the fact i may show so god aweful pictures of myself so here we go and you can hopefully see what improvements each product made.

So me with nothing on to test run these products -
So Urban Decays - Theodora Palatte

Soap and Glorys - Bronzo

Soap and Glory - Sexy Mother pucker
Soap and Glory - Archery Brow Tint

So my bare face (Apologies) To show you the before and after for the tint and all products

And the Result

So what do i think after using ?
Theodora palatte - Love it !! wow even though i have a ton of neutral bases and this looks like a palatte full of them, boy was i wrong. Jealous is AMAZING !! i adore that colour and im on a hunt for a dupe already as i will probably abuse that duo like crazy. The gold in spell is just like a liquid gold which just made me nearly go gold silly but i reigned it in.
However the Lip colour i think is too much even with neutrals as they are so shimmered some of them, Unless you use the top 3 mostly matte shades you will look a little over done. So i just used it for a little tint here then covered with Sexy Mother pucker.

Soap and Glory -Bronzo
When im wrong im wrong, this is the most beautiful highlight and i cant say i can feel the product on my face hence if you have it you need so real light to apply with or you could easy over do this. I used a stipple to do under my eyes and give my face some zing. Wow i can say im having a dry day so this definatly as a powder is fab rather then a cream based product.It didnt show caking or any form of build up and its not glitter mental like i assumed.

Soap and Glory - Sexy Mother pucker
Really is amazing and love the buttery moisturising texture of them, I really dont like gloss and its fab for days when a lipstick is just not as moisture rich as you need so i really will be stocking up on these.

Soap and Glory - Archery Tint
Now this disappointed me totally, I may be used to my brush and powder kit. Just for me the tint did not apply great and got mixed with my face products so i had to keep wiping both ends to get the colour to settle. It was alot of work for not alot of precision and colour payoff. This is on a swatch really close to the powder i use it just doesnt do that on application.
I think its a great idea if your not confident with brush skills but colour wise it needs to be worked on and the actual delivery of product. As i put my facial makeup on then my eyes including brows, Now the liquidy and fact the pencils quite stiff just means the product builds up on the ends of them. So not for me unfortunatly.

So what did i use -

Rimmel Primer - New time of the month so lighter primer then Collection 2000 with a creamy finish and light silicone feel. Soaks in well and provides a really workable and friendly base for foundation.

HD Brows - Bronzer to contour as the Bronzo needed a little help, great pigment and well tap off your excess so you dont apply too much.

Loreal True Match Foundation - Gives me great coverage and full for all the blemishes and inperfections i have, Great range of colours to suit.

Moisturise as you prime, when you come to doing your lips they will be easier to work with and excess dead skin easier to exfoliate if needed. I am using a Balmi this month in blackcurrent.

Eyeshadow fallout, if you find glitters and shimmers fall down your face and you cannot dust them off easy, then invest in some paper tape and stick them to the under section of the eye to catch any then simply remove.

So hope you enjoy my looks this week xx


  1. Oooh I love it! SO glam!! :)

    New follower :)


    1. Thanks hun xxxxxx oooo im gonna have a lookie at your blog x

  2. Looks lovely on you x Oh and what a good tip about tape under the bottom lashes, fall out drives me nuts!!
    Angela x


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