Friday, 22 March 2013

Benefit - Fake up

So a busy year for benefit is 2013 with already the release of "fine one one" only a month or so ago, now they spark our taste buds again with a release of Fake-up. 
An all in one Hydrating formula and concealer , It claims to be able to conceal fine lines as-well as hydrate all those problem areas you may have, to me this is a "finally" moment. I personally (as you will see in another post) suffer from dry areas under my eyes and the sides of my nose. So to have something that will conceal and hydrate is like heaven to me and my skin is probably doing a little happy dance. 
Now it comes in 3 shades 01- Light , 02 - Medium , 03 - Deep
So when i saw it go on sale on monday i was quick to snap it up

Benefit - Fake up 

I really love the innovative workings of this product and think its genius that it has the balm layer to help the skin and its what you wish for in all your makeup, the benefit packaging is becoming very pretty with the silver casing and again twist up mechanism. Even the outer packet with the swirls is just screaming "I'm a well thought out product" and i think with the younger influence of the co-founders nieces on board this is now shining through.
Now I've seen the other Blogger events that went on last week and the really clever promotions and adverts that benefit have been coming up with lately. Its nice to see something different and jazzy to add a bit of special-ness to a product, now i realise the products all good and well being packaged and presented. It has to perform so lets get into the fine details.

Benefits Fake up - Concealer with Hydrating ring of Vit E and apple extract

So Fake up as you can see below is a stick concealer but its been surrounded by a layer of balm which contains the hydrating properties including Vitamin E, apple seed extract. Now this to me as a dry skin to normal type is perfect. I ache for added hydration products and to have this hydrate for up to 6 hours without a need to touch up till then is just brilliant, I applied it and the balm is not oily after you tap it into your skin, I tap with my finger a concealer into my areas as you shouldn't i find rub a dry patch as the flakes or sides will irritate and ruin your hard work of concealing. The one thing i will do next time though is maybe apply this after ive done my primer and cover what i can see, as to get the full worth of the products hydrating properties. As i think putting it on a layer of foundation would defeat the purpose, as i want the balm to be on my skin and not barred from that by having the foundation in-between. So i will use this as a base concealer and then if i need more coverage after I've completed everything i will touch it up. This concealer wont cake if you want to build it up.

Benefit Fake up - Swatch 

 So all in all im really impressed, the Fake up hydrating concealer is something i will actively use daily as to offer my skin that extra hydration, which will hopefully help with fine lines not only in the short term but in general. It blends in really easy too, the balm also doesn't leave a sticky or tackiness behind when its been applied. It seems to lightly absorb into the skin. Smells of nothing and just a concealer smell you get. 
So from the picture below you can see it has concealed the second half of my eye where the bags i will admit are very bad and it does illuminate the eye socket, plus the area around my nose is defiantly less red and covered. So first impressions are really good and will be doing more picture reviews this week so you will see more use of this product in them. 

Have you tried Benefits Fake up ? What do you think of the product ?


  1. Hi
    I'm visiting from the Aloha hop. I've enjoyed reading through your blog. I'm also your new fan and follower. Hope you will visit my blog and follow me back. Also I host a new blog hop weekly from Thurs - Sunday and want to invite you to link up with us.

    1. Thank hun , i sure will and do you have a link ?

  2. Great blog! I found you from the Aloha Blog Hop and I'm your newest follower!

    Missy Inspired

    1. Thank you hun x id love to check your out x

  3. I really fancy buying this, I have awful dark circles as i never get much sleep. Nothing i have tried has worked 100% but this does sound good. BTW you loo gawjus in that pic with your sexy red lips woman :)
    Angela x

    1. Thanks angela hun xx I have the worst circles too as i dont sleep well x

  4. I will have to give this a try...great review xx


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