Friday, 22 March 2013

Haute couture Lashes -

So Lashes have always been a bane of mine and something i find quite tricky, as i will tend to buy ones that are sparkly and glitterific yet forget you need to walk before you can run. So I've made it my mission to learn how to apply lashes better and use them as i think if done nice they can really set the eyes alive and who doesn't want more lashes ? So this and improving my liquid liner skills are 2 hotspots on my makeup tutorials list this year. 

Now i was kindly sent some Haute Couture lashes to review, i wanted to review these as they have a applicator which really seemed quite handy to me if your a novice and want to know how to get into the tighter areas to make sure the lash adheres well to the lash line.

Haute couture Lashes

So on looking at the lashes they are curled and luscious looking, the spine is not too bad on them. I would suggest thinner if you don't like the feel of something on your eye. I did find after a while i didn't notice it and you could curl them or just get a shorter set, as its literally the flutter you can see. I would say these are a going out lashes or ones you would use say if on a date and you want your eyes to be your main focal point.
Now application, I found the lashes easy to remove from the packet, as i have used some before and they have been stuck on so well they kink as you try to remove them so these didn't. The adhesive is underneath, affixed to the packet and the tube has a spatula applicator. Now the amazing thing about this is that most adhesives are clear so you cant see if you have covered some bits and you don't want your lash to hang off halfway through the night. Now the adhesive when it hits the lash turns a light blue to let you know where its been applied to and which bits you may have missed. I like the spatula as its easy to control the amount of adhesive, your in control rather then a squeeze tube that can easy dispense too much.

The contents of the packet plus instructions

Now when the adhesive is applied take the little pink tweezers and pick up the glued lashes (i glued mine whilst i held the lash as i didn't want them to fall from the tweezers with adhesive) the glue should be slightly tacky, by the time you do this and they get to your lash line they should be. If you place them where you want them and i found it easier to get a swing circular mirror, or any mirror you can have underneath your eye as your looking down. Apply the lash and i found another tip, to apply them in the downward angle your looking down, as they curve and will find the natural curve of your lash line approaching it from this way.(hope that made sense, if you would like a step by step pic tutorial comment below and il do that for you all)  I found i could see where it curved to my eye and i got it in one go. So if your on youtube i found some great lash tips. 

The lash up close

Then use the tweezers to lightly press the corner in and then the outer side, if your happy with the placement. Leave to dry then apply some eyeliner to the inner corner so the lashes look more natural to the lash line. I didn't apply mascara as i think they are dark enough and enough of a statement for me, but by all means apply some, i would  apply if i was using a smaller, natural lash.

My finished look

So i think i will definatly be purchasing more of these lashes as they have the right size spine for me to be able to control without being flimsy. I can use the adhesive and i like the way it goes blue on contact with the lash, so no loss of lash during the day. Im really impressed with these and as my look above shows the finished result.

So have you used Haute couture lashes ? Do you like lashes and what are your recommendations ?

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