Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Khroma Beauty - Mascara Set

So along with the Palettes the Kardashians have also released the Mascara set.
This is a set of 4 mascaras aimed to have different wands for a separate effect on the lashes that you may wish depending the occasion . Now from using them, i can say that the lashes are defiantly affected by the brushes and i will go through the different mascaras one by one to explain the wands and effects.

The Khroma beauty mascara set 

So the individual Mascaras and there wands, I will go through each one describing the wand, the claim and the result.

Eye Fidelity 

So Eye fidelity is a synthetic brush and hourglass in shape. It is the waterproof and long lasting mascara. Whilst i am unsure why the brush is dipped in the middle as i find it hard to manoeuvre and found i used the top of the wand to extend the middle lashes more. It is waterproof and removes with a baby wipe and makeup remover. Quite a dry formula but the design of the packaging is such that no clumps come away or are stuck in the brush. So when this mascara is finished i would say it would be easy to tell when it changes or stops dispensing.
Overall i dont use waterproof too much as i don't have a need for it really and I'm trying to grow my lashes but I'm lucky that this wasn't so bad to remove.

Whip Lash

So whip lash is meant for maintaining the lashes health and I'm assuming that it has some form of serum  or hydrating agent to help keep the lash healthy plus gain the effect of plumper lashes without the need for a lot of product. Now again there isn't a lot of information on the box to gain insight as to what the brushes shapes are bringing to your lashes. This brush is literally the bristles cut in a triangle, with the top of the triangle being at the top of the wand. So the top i easy to grab the lash at the base and fan it out to separate them. however the thicker end which would apply the most product to the lash i nearly poked my eye out trying to place it in the correct position. So i really do hope they add additional information to the packaging  as to application and the benefits to the brushes.

The Quickie

The quickie is lengthening and thickening, is a plastic brush and very thin. It was the one i used and liked the result as it does separate each lash really well and gets everyone with ease. I would use this as a base mascara to get that look with my lashes so it does lengthen the lash. However i would use another mascara on top to volumise and thicken as it would take a few odd applications to get any sort of real plumpness. I could see that application more then once may lead to clumping as is the nature if you hit the smaller lashes with too much product. 

Stroke of Midnight

This is a synthetic brush again with the shape we are most accustomed too. To give a Faux lash look and volumising effect it says. Which would go well with the quickie mascara, however i did find i needed to apply a lot when i tried it and it was quite a dry formula. Not much came off the brushes when I've swatched them on my hands.
So i can see why it takes so much to get any effect on the lashes, i do think this range of products needs some tweeks and help with the packaging. Even the mascara is small and the wands are quite baffling. I could understand a 4 step process but there is no instruction as to if that is the point of the set.
All in all ive been impressed with some points in the kardazzle palate and i can only see one mascara i would possibly use again. The payoff is just not good enough and i think the neck of the mascara is taking off too much product at the expense of trying to prevent clumping on the brush. There are far better singular mascaras out there for what this whole set would cost. Plus most would be on the high street so maybe if the Khroma line does have a work around some of the issues then i would try them again as with anything deserves a second chance but as is then no i wont purchase again.

Have you tried any of Khroma Beauty ?


  1. These looks pretty but I'm not sure I would buy them especially since you say that you would only repurchase 1 of them. I was tempted to buy their eyeshadow palettes but I also heard some negative reviews about them.

    Check out my giveaway if you have time <3

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  3. These looks pretty cool, I like their names xx


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