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Liz Earle - Flawless makeup and how to achieve it

So Liz Earle is probably one of my favourite brands when it comes to skincare and her cleanse and polish is probably an essential in every woman's skincare routine. 
However now branching to makeup and seeing what this range has to offer is an exciting time for me as who doesnt love a new find, especially with a brand that makes  wonderful skincare products.

So the philosophy behind Liz Earle is 

 We are passionate about all we do and always keep in mind our 'precious recipe', a combination of carefully selected ingredients that make us who we are:

  • products that really work on every skin type by harnessing the potent powers of the finest quality ingredients
  • a simple, no fuss and dependable routine, which is also a pampering daily treat
  • an affordable choice with everything beautifully packaged
  • a commitment to first class service
  • our caring, award-winning team who make it all possible
  • We hope you enjoy the difference that is Liz Earle.

 Liz Earle - Signature Foundation 

The signature foundation comes in 9 shades and has information on the site to help pick your shade and match up your tones. I am 03-Nude and when you find your foundation shade you can go to the complexion  chart to see what pressed powders etc will fit with this shade perfectly. (I leave the links below) 
So the coverage is build-able and i found the consistency to be runny but silky and easily workable, it sits on the skin well and blends in very easy. I didn't have to wait long for it to dry and this helps if your building coverage. I needed to build a heavier coverage as i always do with my cheeks, as they have redness and some blemishes plus dryness. I found this to be a hydrating and nourishing foundation with no cakey-ness forming or even showing any sign of a flaw. It has a pump dispenser too so no loss of product.
My skin was still able to breathe and did not feel heavy, i can appreciate a foundation that can cover my blemishes and dryness plus leave me secure in the feeling that my pores are not being clogged up completely. So im really impressed with this foundation on all the levels i look for.

Pressed Powder in 03 - Sheer Beige

I really love the Pressed powder compact, Its a lovely sleek Black compact with the Liz Earle name in white across the front, so professional looking and just first impressions with packaging make owning the product just a joy and something you will want to repurchase. I love having classy packaging as you get to an age where simple gives an air of elegance.
It is a light, soft powder which goes on so easily and sets this foundation so well. Not alot is needed plus the powder is enriched with vitamin E. Its not heavy so therefore your skin can breathe. 
This powder however only comes in 7 shades, so thats a bit of a shame as if you only want a dust of powder and not a foundation base as you prefer that then there is a little less choice but hopefully there is enough there to cater.
I love my pressed powders but i have a thing for it being fine milled and my skin is not left feeling clogged, my dry patches are not highlighted and no cakiness what so-ever. So again the powder has met and passed all the criteria i look for when picking a powder plus it feels luxurious. 

Powder blushes in  Nectar 06 - Peony 07 

These Blushes are so pigmented and the colour payoff is so high, this was literally a swirl of my finger lightly. So you would not need to do anything more then dab your brush in the powder to achieve a lovely flushed glow. The Nectar has a lovely shimmer to it, that is not over the top but will be a lovely colour for the spring as its this amazing coral shade. I really love this as a day blush to add just a little flush of colour plus the subtle shimmer meant i didn't need any highlight. 
The Peony is a lovely plummy colour with hints of a dusky pink. I love these kinds of colours for my blush as they are so versatile, for the evening and colder days they can give a real great flush of colour but also add to your contouring and make the look striking. Its not got any shimmer and is a matte blush.
It comes in 7 shades and they are all such wonderful shades that can cater to all skin tones and looks your looking to achieve.
They again are a buttery texture with a lovely feel to them, I've even used them on my finger and just rubbed them they blend so well and are so versatile. If your on the run these blushes are that creamy that one dab, blend and all you will need. Im so impressed its really been lovely to see this range be such great quality.

Cream Blushes in Camellia 01 and Nectar 06 

So these blushes and formulas are probably the only ones i have not much experience in as i wouldn't normally buy a cream blush and tend to stick to powders. But there is always a new experience around the corner and I'm open to new makeup looks so why not a different formula ?
Now I've noticed these are creamy and again the pigment was very good, the colour payoff was brilliant in nectar but the camellia is a creamy looking colour then when you blend it in it comes off like a bubblegum pink but a subtle version. It took me a couple of dips to achieve that colour with Camellia.
However the nectar was one dip of my finger and it was a highly pigmented and easily blend able blush, it was very creamy texture and no sediment feeling or grittiness. So i must admit these cream blushes are something i should maybe use if I'm needing a quick boost of colour and i think these are better for travel as if you spend a lot on a powder blush the last thing you want is it breaking in transit and then potentially ruining your clothes plus a waste of a whole pan of blush. So having one or two of these to hand in your travel bag is not a bad idea. These will last a fair while too as when you have such high pigmentation the product goes a lot further.

So in conclusion im really impressed with the Liz Earle brand, the makeup is high quality plus professional and chic packaging gives it the feeling of the high end market. I would re purchase these items as the signature foundation is wonderful coverage and build-able without showing any flaws. The powder is the same in that it leaves the skin feeling amazing and light to the touch without clogging. The Blushes both the cream and powder versions have wonderful pigmentation and colour payoff on application plus they feel buttery, light and blend amazingly well.
I loved using this range so much that I'm including a picture of me using the foundation, Pressed powder and powder blush in nectar. 

Have you tried any Liz Earle ? What would be your first choice to try ?


  1. I am Loving the nectar powder blush, looks lush! I have tried the liz earle foundation before and agree with you, its so easy to build and you don't really feel like your wearing any! Loving your review!

    Katie xx

    1. Thank you katie x I love the Nectar blush, really are lovely shades for everyday wear x

  2. Nice review, just a tip - it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to put a '*' next to the name of items that are PR samples/or have been sent to you for review purposes (And state somewhere what it means), this is generally what beauty bloggers do. Just a thought. (Not saying this specifically for this post, just in general). x

  3. Ah, I have never tried Liz Earle before, despite everyone loving it. I need to asap!! Especially the cleanse and polish!! :) Great post xx

    1. Thank you hun x Its defiantly a lovely set of products and my cleanse and polish is probably a skins defiantly thanked me for it x

  4. I LOVE Liz Earle skincare but I've yet to delve into the world of her makeup. However, these blushers you've featured are looking VERY tempting, such gorgeous colours.

    Emily Jane xo

    1. thanks hun , they surprised me how pigmented they were x

  5. I need to get on the Liz Earle Bandwagon I think xx

  6. Hey... Just popping over and following on GFC the Aloha Friday Hop. I would love for you to stop by my blog if you have time and if you like follow too. :) Hope you've had a great weekend!


  7. i would really love to try this brand! x


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