Monday, 18 March 2013

NADS - Facial wand Eyebrow Shaper

So the Nads hair removal systems is a Australian family owned company, created in 1992 by Sue Ismiel. Created an effective natural, no heat way in which to remove hair. 

Its ethos being 

Nad’s always uses the very best ingredients from sources as close to nature as possible, and invests in extensive research to ensure the best quality products for both men and women! 

Nads - Facial wand Eyebrow Shaper 

So i don't know if I'm the only one who has a total aversion to tweezing my eyebrows, i hate the constant having to go in and pull every hair out especially those ones that over grow and end up being eye wincing.  Plus you have to wait until they grow to a certain length to be able to get a good purchase on them. Now i have used the pre-waxed strips before and ended up with either wax stuck on me or a eyebrow stippled with blood. Now I've looked at the Nads brow shaper and thought wow that looks great, as i can apply the gel using the pen applicator and be confident in only getting which hairs i want off. 
The kit comes with cleansing wipes to clean the area so the gel fixes to the area properly, then there is the pre-filled pen and the strips in which to affix and remove.

So the pen has a slanted tip to assure precise application to the hair on the brow, then you have a pack of re-usable strips. So you have to click the bottom of the pen and by the 20th click the gel will start dispensing. So i first sat down and looked at the line in which i wanted my brows to follow and also the hair i wanted to remove. Then i cleansed with the wipes and applied my first line of gel ( i did have everything laid out plus extra baby wipes incase i needed to wash any off ) then you rub the strip on leave a minute to set in and hold the skin taught and then pull it off in the opposite direction. So after i did the first strip and looked at how much hair came away i was surprised, there was the gel on the strip with the hair and also no rash nor irritation from the process. So i proceeded to do the rest and the other brow. Now what i love is that its easy to mirror both sides evenly as your doing sections rather then one by one. So it took me 5-10 minutes rather then 30-40min. Also its easy to remove excess gel with a wipe or warm water, the baby wipe did just fine for me. Plus your not left with a tacky feeling on your brows. Now if the gel feels like its becoming to stiff and globby you simply rub it between your hands and it warms it up to keep using.

My brows before and After 

So as you can see from the before and after how well the hair has been removed, now i have defined my brows with a powder as i do but i think it shows up how clean the line is. The strips have made the lines cleaner my skin is smooth also. It was pain free to an extent but it was simply a case of ouch and over. I didn't feel it hurt more then tweezers, plus id prefer to do this every 6 weeks then pull them one by one. 
Plus the strips are reusable, so i would get about 3-4 uses out of this which is a bargain.

So the legs are the next on the list as well hairy Mary is not the word for it but it will show the definite before and after better.

So have you tried Nads hair removal systems ? How do you shape your brows ?


  1. Replies
    1. brilliant if you want a quicker way and less painful too... jusst takes them in a few zaps and no signs of irritation :O)

  2. this is so much easier n less painful!

  3. This looks amazing xx

    1. any alternative to tweezers are my friend lol

  4. I usually use the pre waxed strips which I find fine, but this looks really impressive! I will have to try it! :)

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  5. Brought one of these today after seeing it here. Tried it out on my mum quickly (guinea pig!) and it worked really well, gonna try it out on myself tomorrow.xx

    1. ah cool, il never use tweezers again, this is deffo quicker and easier for me.

      plus love that the strips are washable so no need to waste any :O) oooo id love to see a pic of your results

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