Monday, 29 April 2013

High street fashion week - The champions club

The Champions Club is an exciting clothing & lifestyle brand from London. The brands style is a mix of raw street culture with a clean high quality look. Mixing the latest trends with original design, the brand is creating its own niche of high class street style.

The idea behind the brand was formed in 2011 and the ethos is all about living your life like a champion. No matter who you are and where you are from, we believe with hard work & dedication that any goal is achievable, and we spread this ethos through our designs and collections.
The brand has gone from strength to strength since its launch in mid 2012; after the success of the first two collections, the spring / summer 13 offering is shortly due for release. The Champions Club is already known for its strong branding, presentation and aura of high quality, and the next collection is set to be no different.

The brand has also continued down the line of tireless work ethic with more appearances planned at some of the UK’s best fashion events and showcases. Through these events our following continues to grow as audiences get a chance to see our work close up.

Our following has also extended which has led to the brand being seen in places like MTV, music videos, magazines and worn by various celebrities and big names. Our pieces have been worn on the like of Becca Dudley (MTV), Mic Righteous (UK Hip Hop Star), Scorcher (UK Hip Hop star), Roxxxan (UK Music artist) (Aaron roach Bridgeman (SBTV Presenter), Bobii Lewis (UK Music Artist) and more. 2013 is set to be an exciting and progressive for The Champions Club brand as we continue to grow and expand. We look forward to continuing the sharing of our vision through our clothing, designs and events. 

The Champions Club will be at High Street Fashion Week. They will be participating in the daytime pop up boutique.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


So Popband are a new and i must say quite sassy company on the block, they make hair bands that i know are a rival to another very similar design. However the Popbands come with lovely jewels and also look more fun and cute.

There ethos is 

The story so far...

Popband, born of a dream from two very like-minded, fashion savvy shopaholics who decided on one long sunny day that something was amiss... After a very long and tedious Indian summer Popband was born, a selection of hair and wrist accessories that would make Lou and Keli's life complete. All their dreams rolled into more dented or ripped hair, no more shabby wrist furniture. Instead, sparkly glamorous head candy that would be the envy of every girl across the land. Beautiful colours and sparkles that would light up any room! After their encounter with the fashion fairy godmother, Keli and Lou decided to make sure that some good would come of their great fortune. Not only would they bless every girl with a sprinkle of glamour dust, but they would also make sure that others would benefit from the proceeds by helping to raise much needed funds for charities across the globe. Welcome to the world of Popband, every girl's best friend. We hope you love it as much as we do! :)

Now my hair is so thick i tried the rival to Popband a while back and it frayed and broke so badly that i had to throw it away, it was not a great experience. So when i was accepted to review for Popband i was so excited as they are really lovely plus its a hairband you don't mind having on your wrist when you just want a safety band.

So these lovely Popbands come with lovely sparkle jewels on them or you can opt for plain ones. I really love the jewelled ones as they add a lovely bit of sparkle to your hair when you want to just tie your hair up in a simple style.

Now the trial is the most important test to this, did they stand up to the thick hair that i own ? Well yes they did and even when i removed the Popband it still had a strong elastic spring back and not loose at all. No fraying or any damage to the Popband at all. So I'm really impressed and i think il be purchasing more of them as they stand up to the test of my hair then wow they could do an hair justice.

The range of colours is lovely with candy to professional blacks for working days. 

I really do hate the boring hair bands that are available and don't use scrunchies (nothing wrong with them as i know they are coming back in trend) personally just not for me. 
I want a simple band with hold plus if it had a little sparkle then I'm a happy girl, i crave simple things for my hair and this meets my need totally.
So why not check out Popbands and see there range.

Stila - Written in the Stars

Stila cosmetics are a well known brand, funky packaging and pigmented colourful blush and eyeshadows. The written in the stars palette was a christmas 2012 offering which i was really lucky to receive as a present. I think it was a lovely collection that really did encapture all of the season and its beauty. 

The colours were a nice mix of shimmers and mattes, for all the needs of the season. Daytime looks with that little hint of a shimmer to glam up your look and also to use through the year as well. It was a well thought out palette. Plus the shape does not mean it is exclusive to the christmas season. I use this palette regularly as the colours that are neutral offer me a great day look.


I really love the colours and will be keeping an eye out in future now for more limited collections from stila as they do offer something quite special. The pigmentation and colour payoff is in line with all the companies i love, so i will be investing in more palettes they offer, plus i may delve into the blush collection to trial. 

Do you own any Stila ? Could you recommend any ?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

High street Fashion week - Lili Marie La Touche boutique

Lili-Marie La Touche Boutique is an up and coming clothing label which features structural and fashion forward pieces including dresses, trousers, corsets, tops and jackets. As well as incorporating textile manipulation to complete the collection. Lili- Marie La Touche Boutique stamp is both art form and wearable pieces, using architecture as inspiration.

Lianne La Touche was born and brought up in London, after graduating from fashion, she gain experience working with a number of fashion designers including Afira. Having been surrounded by creative individuals within her family, Lianne began to take an interest in art and design.

Lili-Marie La Touche Boutique was created shortly after finishing the second year at university. I launched my unique brand on Facebook in July 2010, and the social networking site acted as the perfect platform to showcase my work to friends, family and others with an interest in fashion.

During my time at university, I took an interest in architecture. I paid close attention to the framework, structure, shape and details, and decided to incorporate the architectural elements within my garments. I researched and experimented with textile manipulations and pattern cutting to get a real sense of architecture within my designs. 

Since graduating, my collection has been featured in various different publications. My work was recognised in Devon Life Magazine (October 2011 issue) alongside six other graduates, and since then has been featured in Tribe Magazine and Tribe: Blog, The Debut magazine, BlackHair, HairBliss and Confashion magazine. And also has singer Shanay Holmes wear pieces from the label for an interview with The Cut magazine. Lili-Marie La Touche Boutique Autumn Winter 2013/14

The AW13 collection incorporates African print and architecture together to create a vibrant collection which includes dresses, skirts, tops, trousers and corsets. The collection is ready-to-wear pieces, but with a subtle structural element to it, colours are white, orange, red, brown and yellow, with the focus being on the print.. 

Lili-Marie La Touche Boutique will showcase in the High Street Fashion Week.

High street Fashion week - Wild rose

The Wild Rose Boutique was born out of a love of fashion, combining a fashion forward attitude and ultimate feminine designs. Traditional pieces are lovingly handpicked staying true to the Wild Rose girly signature style with the use of vintage style fabrics, bespoke detailing and gorgeous prints. The Wild Rose Boutique has its own unique personality and is ideal for girls with a love of style.

Soft but not always sweet the boutique has an edgy undertone to the English Rose dream offering the latest and most directional trends and fast fashion forward style from around the globe, handpicked and sourced worldwide.

In our Kent based boutique you will find a collection of unique beautiful pieces, key styles include fun floral dresses, intricate embellished blouses and unique quirky accessories – “it’s every girls dream.”

Wild Rose Boutique will be at High Street Fashion Week catwalk show.

They will be participating in the daytime pop up boutique.

Glossybox - April 2013 with Pearl Lowe

So with the wonderful month of April upon us, we are all wondering if spring will ever come and if glossybox will cheer us up. Now its a special box this month in collaboration with Pearl Lowe, i must say the box is just stunning and so beautiful. Its a welcome cheer up to my collection of glossyboxes. 

So the box was presented
Beautiful floral print with a hint of vintage inspired design 

The contents were 

  • Sunsense - Daily face SPF 
  • Yves Rocher France - So Elixir Parfum
  • Nip and Fab - Mango body butter 
  • Sleek - Blusher in Pixie pink 
  • Essie Nail Polish 
 So on first glance i am so happy with this selection of products and will go through them one by one

First of all the Sleek blusher in Pixie pink 

Sleek are well known for pigmented blushes and the cheaper alternative to the high end brands available. This colour is a lovely pink which will go well with the summer trends to grace the high street. I am so pleased that i received this blush and was hoping to receive a sleek product.

Nip and Fab - Mango body butter 

I love Nip and Fab products and had recieved a kit for christmas so was so happy to be able to use more of the body butter range, it is a lush smelling , thick body butter. They are absorbed well and also offer great hydration to dry skin. I cannot wait to use this tonight.

So elixir Parfum 

Now i have to praise glossybox for this perfume as its not a vial in cardboard but a lovely bottle of perfume that smells divine. It will be a lovely addition to my dressing table and I'm so glad to receive a sample of perfume im proud to display rather then have at the bottom of a perfume box i will probably never use. So well done and i hope there will be more bottles of perfume like this and not the vials we are so used to and hate.

Sunsense - Daily face SPF 
Im not known to this brand and have to read the information within the booklet to see how to use this product to its full use, From reading im guessing its a lightly tinted moisturiser with SPF included for use when the sun comes out. It can be used on all skin types and also is an oil free formula. So when mr sun decides to come out, i will be able to trial this properly.

Essie Nail polish

This Essie product is just lovely and in the colour Canyon coral, so quite fitting for the coral influenced trend coming for spring, It really is a treat to get such a high end product in glossybox and one i know i will use over and over again.

So well done glossybox on such and amazing and lovely box. It was well thought out and presented beautifully. I will use all the products with glee and hope that next month gives me such a giddy feeling again like this month did on opening the packaging. 

Did you get glossybox ? What did yours include ?

MAC and other goodies Giveaway

So as the MAC giveaway was so successful i decided the run another one to say thank you to all my followers plus i wish i could by everyone a lipstick lol until the lottery win day comes then i will run a regular mac giveaway.

So I've decided to keep to the same format of offering a mac lipstick or a eyeshadow to the winner.

2nd Prize : Remington Pro pearl Styler 

3rd Prize : The makeup Bag - Goody bag 

Now in addition to the MAC for first prize, i will be offering a second prize of a hair styler and a third prize of a goody bag, generously given by The makeup bag.

Plus as part of this excellent giveaway, The makeup bag are offering a 10% discount and free gift to anyone who uses the code TARA10 at the checkout. ( Only valid to the UK)  Ive used The makeup bag many times and always happy with the service and quality of the order.  So i wish you all the greatest of luck and fingers crossed for you all xxx

Ops forgot to say yes this is international x

This giveaway will run for a month like the other giveaways x a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

High street fashion week - Terra Dea

Terra Dea was launched in late 2012 by emerging designer Terri Nicole Hughes. Taking her love of travel and incorporating it into each of her collections, her design style has a certain stylish air about it. Always fresh, summery and ready to hit the beach, her lines are meant to be worn in the sunshine, with the use of vibrant prints, along with a beautifully muted colour pallet. Her style is unrestricting with a plethora of luscious layers and free fitting shapes that somehow still flatter the figure to precision.
Always adding a touch of elegance to her boho beachwear, she finishes her garments with exquisite touches of leather, organic silk linings and not to mention her obsession with French seams!

ECO Chique.

Adding to the already fabulous designs, Terra Dea (the Latin meaning for earth goddess) is an ethical brand. Terri sources the finest eco fabrics from around the world, including GOTS certified organic cottons and bamboo silks that have been hand made in India, Recycled beads made by women in Uganda, and UK sourced ‘GREEN’ leather, ensuring the humane treatment of all livestock and only used as a by-product of the meat industry. Furthermore Terri is always on the lookout for great recyclable materials such as her fabulous recycled saree’s that she up-cycles into her designs.

Due to the use of recycled materials Terra Dea always has some great unique pieces available. Along with the equally great slow fashion pieces that are stocked season after season.

Terra Dea’s commitment.

Designer Terri is an avid animal lover and (as mentioned above) only uses UK sourced green leather along with recycled leathers and furs. She does not condone the slaughter
of animals for the use of fashion, And promises to donate 10% of any profits terra Dea makes from their leather/fur sales to selected animal charities annually.
Terra Dea has also been awarded the Positive Luxury Blue Butterfly trust mark, for their ethically sustainable products.

The laid back style and impeccable quality of Terra Dea has already been noticed around the world. Exporting many of her sales to the European market (France in particular), along with being approached by buyers in Australia, the US and Canada, not to mention her home turf, the UK. ( Also catching the eye of celebrity twitter followers.) 

Terra Dea will be at High Street Fashion Week.

They will be participating in the daytime pop up boutique and our catwalk show.

High street fashion week - Leren connor

Leren Connor 

Leren Connor is a diverse and eclectic Label that brings colour and Imagination to your wardrobe. Specialising in Handmade with love Clothing and Accessories as well as Customised Clothing and shoes and other accessories, with a love of all things girly yet all things street, Leren Connor Targets many audiences as well as age.

Born right here in the UK Leren is inspired by British Fashion, although she looks beyond the coast of England it’s important to Leren to stay true to her roots buying majority of her materials from the UK. Still only a 3rd year fashion student Leren Braved the economy and went self employed in 2012, since then she has gathered a loyal following on Facebook and twitter and brought her many collaborations with bloggers and other designers and is in the process of launching her own website. At the age of 21 she opened her 1st Boutique in her hometown in Derby, this enabled her to really know what people want from a Fashion Designer.

What you can expect from Leren Connor is sophistication and street style with an uptown twist, she also is a big believer in one off pieces as she likes her customers to feel special and knowing that know one else is sporting the same design, Leren Recently launched her new collection ‘Street Credibility’ Which will be on sale at High Street Fashion Week. This Collection is inspired by texture, shape and print and brings a mysterious yet funky edginess to Fashion.

Leren Connor will showcase in the High Street Fashion Week catwalk show.

They will be participating in the daytime pop up boutique.

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...