Tuesday, 23 April 2013


So Popband are a new and i must say quite sassy company on the block, they make hair bands that i know are a rival to another very similar design. However the Popbands come with lovely jewels and also look more fun and cute.

There ethos is 

The story so far...

Popband, born of a dream from two very like-minded, fashion savvy shopaholics who decided on one long sunny day that something was amiss... After a very long and tedious Indian summer Popband was born, a selection of hair and wrist accessories that would make Lou and Keli's life complete. All their dreams rolled into one...no more dented or ripped hair, no more shabby wrist furniture. Instead, sparkly glamorous head candy that would be the envy of every girl across the land. Beautiful colours and sparkles that would light up any room! After their encounter with the fashion fairy godmother, Keli and Lou decided to make sure that some good would come of their great fortune. Not only would they bless every girl with a sprinkle of glamour dust, but they would also make sure that others would benefit from the proceeds by helping to raise much needed funds for charities across the globe. Welcome to the world of Popband, every girl's best friend. We hope you love it as much as we do! :)

Now my hair is so thick i tried the rival to Popband a while back and it frayed and broke so badly that i had to throw it away, it was not a great experience. So when i was accepted to review for Popband i was so excited as they are really lovely plus its a hairband you don't mind having on your wrist when you just want a safety band.

So these lovely Popbands come with lovely sparkle jewels on them or you can opt for plain ones. I really love the jewelled ones as they add a lovely bit of sparkle to your hair when you want to just tie your hair up in a simple style.

Now the trial is the most important test to this, did they stand up to the thick hair that i own ? Well yes they did and even when i removed the Popband it still had a strong elastic spring back and not loose at all. No fraying or any damage to the Popband at all. So I'm really impressed and i think il be purchasing more of them as they stand up to the test of my hair then wow they could do an hair justice.

The range of colours is lovely with candy to professional blacks for working days. 

I really do hate the boring hair bands that are available and don't use scrunchies (nothing wrong with them as i know they are coming back in trend) personally just not for me. 
I want a simple band with hold plus if it had a little sparkle then I'm a happy girl, i crave simple things for my hair and this meets my need totally.
So why not check out Popbands and see there range.

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  1. I found your blog on Aloha Friday and just started following on GFC. I have never heard of Popband before, but I'm glad to hear that they survived your test!

    Ashley @ http://downsizingashley.blogspot.com/


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