Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Birchbox April 2013 - In bloom

So box time again and first to arrive was Birchbox, with the title "In bloom" was quite fitting as the magazines cover was a cherry blossom tree in bloom. The long awaited anticipation of spring arriving. 
So with that being said, what did they bring to the table for this months offerings ?

So the contents were 

  • Gerda Spillmann - Renaissance Age serum / Sample size 3ml 
  • La Societe Parisienne De Savons Soap / Full size 
  • Mirenesse - Glossy Kiss Lipstick in shade perfect kiss / full size
  • Weleda Skin food / Sample size 10ml
  • Natio Gentle foaming facial cleanser / Sample size 20ml 
Extra gift - Paname Paris Mirror / worth £7.50

Now to say initially my thoughts on each part of the box would be fair.

So the Gerda Spillmann age serum i was not impressed with as the sample is tiny and to get any sort of judgement on weither a product works you need decent sized samples to test the theory. Also we had this brand in a recent Birchbox and funnily enough i would love to try new brands and not recurring brands products. 

The La société parisienne de savons soap .... what can i say to this as I'm so annoyed with this product beyond unhappy, its a granny looking sample of soap and thats my opinion i know. But when you open it and see the soap and smell the scent i just think of my nan. Plus the retro packaging yes is quirky and fun but i would have loved a pressed powder or blush of some sort being inspired from paris. Plus no lie I've just come out of hospital and the soaps are wrapped the same in there without the box obviously but the same style and god awful smell. 

Mirenesse is a brand i know from trying some products via the LIB boxes and i must say this is the saving grace of the box, i love the shade and the packaging, however I'm not impressed that i have to sharpen what looks like plastic packaging to use the whole of the product. I will find a way I'm sure as it is lovely. 

Weleda skin food is again another brand i know of and have used, i really like this sample as I've tried it before along with the pomegranate range. I like it and will use this as a extra night time moisturiser or a great sample to take in my over night bag. Other then that it doesn't wow me as something new and inspiring.

So finally the Natio cleansing foaming facial, which is a decent size and is a mix of ingredients such as Shea butter, sandalwood, lemon and jojoba. It smells really fresh and i will enjoy using this as it is a brand I've seen in debenhams and thought of purchasing but never have. So this is a good sample for me.

The added extra of the mirror was nice as a handbag essential and honestly i will be putting it in my bag to use, I'm forever forgetting to take a mirror and then end up cursing myself during the day for my stupidity. So nice touch but really, when the bonus gift is more exciting then the samples inside . It must come to a point where you think hummm where do we go next. As birchbox in america gets some amazing new brand releases that i wish our UK office would source for us. We don't want the same brand over and over again as its just pointless to me to see the same old thing coming in boxes, plus you will loose your customer base. After last month and getting a really rubbish cleanser instead of a beauty blender , which honestly to a makeup mad woman like me would have been a dream come true is just pure kick in the teeth feeling. Il be seeing what the next months offerings are before i make my mind up. Should i stay or should i go ?

What was in your birch box ? Did you like it ?


  1. Hmm see I like the soap lol...

    1. aww hahaha see ive had too many hospital encounters lol but nice parisian packaging

  2. I've just written my post, we've got different items!

  3. I have to agree with you that the content of this box isn't overwhelming! It's a shame because I usually like the look of birch boxes but glossybox seems to have done a better job this month! X

    1. glossybox did so much better this month xx


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