Tuesday, 16 April 2013

NARS - Christina Lipstick with Bourgaville Lipgloss plus NARS babies awww

So my NARS love was no helped this month with the offer they had on, which was to purchase and then receive two sweet NARS babies. When i say babies i do as they are cute and mini - sample sized Orgasm and Laguna. I personally think these will last me a while as i have these 2 in the happening palette i purchased last month. This is a massive perk as i have 2 final product i want to add then i will be going on a spending ban for the rest of the year as i feel i should dive into what i have and be thankful plus use it. 
I want to fully use products so i can review what i have in my collection and blog about them here, that is because they are mostly drug store essentials we all use but if your having a short month and in desperate need then i would like to know what i can access for little money rather then the high end i will use when I'm wanting to really cheer myself up.

So my NARS arrived as always in black tissue paper but to my utter joy i also received a black baggy with the samples. Now this bag is just lovely and i really appreciate the attention to detail and a added place to protect my NARS. Now you may ask the packaging doesn't it annoy you ? Well no is the honest answer as i keep my makeup in there boxes to preserve the packaging of them all more. It may sound really odd and just freaky but i also think if i ever decided "oh dear i don't want this anymore" then i can pass this onto a friend with the full packaging. (Not that i mind if I'm gifted anything without a packet)  So im waffling now and you want to know what i recieved.

So i decided to purchase the Christina lipstick which in the tube looks a sort of bronze-brown russet with hints of gold within it. It is the most deceiving lipstick I've come across as i looked at swatches before purchasing and i would advise anyone whom is thinking of purchasing a NARS lipstick to search and do your homework as to the final colour. So your not disappointed.

So as you can see in the swatch the colour when it on skin is so much more pinker plus it has the gold shimmer, making it more on the side of a deep rose gold then a bronze. Also the lipgloss i chose was in the limited edition a while back and they brought it back as a vintage. The bourgaville colour is a deep blackberry colour almost and i know people don't like the smell of NARS lipgloss as they are like plastic but i cant say i noticed nor minded. The consistency was defiantly easy to apply to the lip and not sticky on the lips at all, as even though i liked the colour. I was defiantly worried that it would be sticky, as i really love it. I did find though i had to apply quite a bit to achieve that colour above on the whole lip but i think i made the mistake of not adding a base colour for it to adhere too. So i will defiantly be using a similar colour to enhance this look.

So my overall experience is still so amazing with NARS. I am happy that you receive a gift with each purchase as samples are not given so you can try something of a decent size and get a good indication if you like it. Plus the mini sample palettes are so adorable and usable in your bag, to take with you during the day. I really will be keeping my eye out for more of these mini samples and if more are being released then i will save my pennies for them. 

Do you have any NARS ? What would you purchase ?


  1. I am still yet to try a product from NARS and they all look so lovely xx


    1. They are beautiful and can highly recommend

  2. Completely listing over NARS blushers and the newest eyeshadow in 'euphrates' which is a gorgeous silver x


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