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So Crystal Clear Skincare launched in 1995 and the brainchild of Sharon Hilditch MBE, first qualified in beauty therapy when she was 17 years old and after running and owning her own salon for many years she then took 5 years to learn about skincare working with many experts including a 6 month period with american dermatologists to see the affects of skin peeling. After this she spent more time learning with a italian doctor and wanted to develop a line of skincare to help prevent the need for surgical procedures used for anti ageing and laser purposes.

The Ethos of Crystal Clear Skincare

We've been committed to solving the important skincare issues that make such a difference to our customers' lives. As well as this commitment, we've got a set of four key values that guide every decision we make. They represent who we are, and we'd never compromise them.
Firstly, we're dedicated to innovating new treatments and products to solve your skincare needs: whether you suffer from acne, dry skin or simply need an extremely effective anti-ageing treatment or product. Secondly we always aim to be uplifting, from the ambience in our salons to our new product ranges. Building on this, we want to be inspirational with our positive attitude to skincare. And finally, we're results-focused: whether we're holding a personal consultation or developing a brand new salon treatment.

So I was kindly given the opportunity to review some of the range and really keen to see the affects of the products after doing extensive reading and watching of the information on the Crystal Clear skin cares website.

Skin polish

The skin polish is a fine thick polish that smells very natural, it reminds me of cane sugar almost. It is very hydrating and as well as being an exfoliator. Doesn't feel rough or abrasive to the skin like some exfoliators can do. I was surprised as I've tried a lot of exfoliators and i rarely find one i like but this one for days I'm feeling quite rough and needing to add something to my routine, this is really nice. I would say that i really as much as the glass pot is pretty, i hate them for products in the bathroom. I have a shower so i find i have to scoop some onto my soap dish rather then dig my wet hand in and ruin the rest. As i hate and this may be a pet peeve of mine , but soggy looking products that look a bit off. After they have some water added, i would just prefer a squeeze tube of some sort.

Rolling back the years

Well wow, my eyes and myself loving this under eye roller. Really does wake me up and make my bags look less puffy. Don't get me wrong this isn't a bag miracle but its well known that a cold and serum under the eye will perk them up. Hydration in this form is just another way of application of product. So for mornings when concealer will just not do, this will help settle it down. No bear in mind my under eyes get super dry as its my problem area. So this in the morning will add more hydration to a dry skin after a night of sleep. 

Skin repair Serum

Skin repair for hydration is brilliant and I've been loving the absorption, the packaging is amazing and sleek. I really do love how it looks and i have used this system in the morning, where i exfoliate, moisturise then use the serum. So its been my base for the morning. Now i know my skin is a pain in the rear and nothing will resolve the dry skin bar the good old sun and some big doses of vitamin d. I think as a whole this system does help and also maintains my skin. Helps to hydrate as all moisture addition will. I will have to use it all to get to the bottom of wether it will overall do any major changes as the real test is when you run out and you see what changes happen to your skin.

So im really happy and thankful to Crystal skincare for letting me try there products, I've not had a brilliant month as no sleep with a bug and anaemia the morning routine for my dehydrated and dark circles has really helped. The under eye roller has defiantly helped perk me up in the mornings and a gentle exfoliator has not aggravated my skin.

Do you suffer from dry skin ? What products do you swear by ?

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