Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Soap and Glory - Lip products

So with the Powders i purchased i was kindly sent some lip products to review and I'm very thankful to Soap and Glory for allowing me to review for them. As I've really been torn on what to try as they all look so good. I adore the packaging so much as its so classic and chic, I'm drawn to that vintage feel in all products i own. 
So i have done separate reviews as to give a proper opinion on each set of products that apply to certain areas, so in the lip section i have the "A great kisser " Lip balm in cherry chocolate, "Sexy mother pucker " Gloss stick in nudist, "Super fabulip stick " Lipstick in Perfect day and "Sexy mother pucker extreme plump " Lip plumper in How nude. 

A Great kisser Lip-Balm in cherry chocolate

This lip balm wow firstly, smells amazing. It reminds me of a black forest gateau almost with the cherry red lip balm infused with the hinty smell of chocolate. This lip balm is quite solid and will melt down with the heat on your finger, it is one of those balms the more you work it the more it moves. So its not a loose consistency on the lip and has a good staying power as it is a thicker formula. This i feel is a really good winter/cold weather balm as the layer is so good at giving you that barrier protection you look for in winter, if you can resist licking it off as it does smell to darn tasty. Plus i must admit its got a sweet taste and not a balmy one so you very well might end up just licking it off without realising. I really do like this balm and think its just a wonderful addition to my handbag.

Super colour fabulip stick in Perfect day

Now i must admit I'm a dubious being when it comes to lipsticks released by brands as i love smooth lipstick that offers hydration as i am not keen on glosses, i find its like sticking glue on my lips. So i very rarely will venture to something new unless i do a lot of research. I can honestly say this is my favourite product in the lip series as wow it is like pure velvet and creamy, plus the pigmentation on these really stunned me. I was just not expecting them to have such great colour payoff. I will be purchasing more of these, as for me they offer such lovely moisturising feeling on my lips. Im going to use this lipstick in my next look post as i need to show you how brilliant the colour payoff is, but i have included a swatch for now so you can see the consistency and pigment.

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss stick in Nudist

Now i have one of these and i really like it, they are comparable to the super saturated chubby sticks urban decay do. Just as hydrating and slight tint to the lip which enhances the colour without being too over bearing. I like this as i find it so hard to come across more nude and natural tones without them coming across like I'm lip-less. So if your on the hunt for a new hydrating product thats not heavy nor is it a consistency that you will not feel is making your lips stick together. 


So as you can see the colour is quite sheer and not over powering.

Sexy Mother pucker Extreme plump in How nude 

Now this was the only product i cant say i would purchase and only for personal reasons because as much as i like a good bit of chocolate, I'm not over keen on chocolate smelling products. If you do this will be right up your alley as it is a rich scented product, it is a chocolate smell.  Now I'm not sure if its just this shade or the others smell of different things as the colour is like a liquid chocolate. However i would air on the side of applying this very sparingly so its not as thick as the swatch below, as the plumping element of this product is a quite obvious tingling sensation. I tried this and its not unpleasant but it defiantly does something to bring the blood to the lips to engorge them and give them a plumper appearance.
So if that is something your looking for then maybe see if this works for you. The colour payoff is great for a lip gloss as the swatch shows.


So overall im really impressed with the range offered by Soap and glory in the Lip section. There products offer high pigmentation, hydration and something to cater for everyone. I would happily purchase more of these products for my collection. They certainly offer me a range of more natural colours that suit me personally and I'm happy with the fact they also leave my lips feeling like they are being hydrated for a very long time. They have a good lasting power and  offer great pigmentation. The  packaging is the usual lovely Soap and glory style with a real woman feel to it. So again thank you Soap and Glory.

Do you own any Soap and Glory lip products ? 


  1. I never tried this brand , however I have got a few things on my list... great review

  2. Good review honey. I have tried some makeup from S&G but I need to branch out and try some more...xx


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