Tuesday, 16 April 2013

High street fashion week - Filthy Sexy London

Filthy Sexy London (FSL) is a new boutique fashion line specialising in edgy, unique pieces inspired by the style, people and atmosphere of London itself. We cater for both men and women, and due to the versatility of our pieces, many have proven to work as unisex. We wanted to encourage our customers to write their own fashion rules.

Our concept is a fresh take on the slogan T-shirt with some fabulously British, London attitude thrown in. We have also decided to produce Jumpers for Autumn/Winter 2013, swimwear and underwear.

Created in 2012 by two London based friends and business partners with a love of fashion, Filthy Sexy London was the result of searching for an edgy, sexy, fun, good quality T shirt brand with impeccable fit but not really finding one that was everything we wanted. We wanted garments that can be dressed up or dressed down, can be the focus of an entire outfit or pull a look together. We wanted to create pieces that can be worn season after season and do not blindly follow trends. In addition and most of all, we wanted our brand to fly the flag for British pride and pay homage to the iconic city of London which has given us the inspiration, the independence and the courage to follow our dreams.
Fit and fabric are incredibly important to us and we have spent time ensuring all of our pieces are of excellent quality, flattering and easy to wear. We have designed the perfect cut to make the wearer look and feel good, and chosen the perfect fabric composition that make our garments last and remain looking as wonderful as the first time you wear them.

Being a British based company we strive to help our own economy. Our pieces are produced in the UK and the EU. Through our designs we bring you the essence of Filthy Sexy London, the true meaning of London contained in our 'London Philosophy' - something created from the heart and exclusive to all our designs. FSL brings you the London the tour guides don't show you. We want to share 'our London' with our customers and let them see why we believe London really is the greatest city in the world. We wanted to create a real, raw, honest feel of London expressed through design and words. So many things inspire us - people, music, art, words, style, architecture...also the many different parts and diverse nature of London.

London isn't just a city, it's a way of life, a state of being that is different to anything and anywhere else in the world. FSL brings you a million experiences of a truly fascinating life in a modern, edgy, ready to wear collection. By wearing FSL you are wearing a piece of London. Let the most exciting times of your life be immortalised in what you wear. A picture may well say a thousand words, but an FSL garment says even more. Not for the boring, Filthy Sexy London produces wear-with-anything, make-a-statement, original pieces that will not only turn heads, they will break necks.

Our company in a nutshell is: Exceptionally Rebellious, Sex-Infused, Avant Garde With A Vintage Feel, Edgy British Glamour. Filthy Sexy London will be featuring at High Street Fashion Week 2013. We have chosen to take part in this exciting event to launch our business into the world of fashion. 

Filthy Sexy London will be at High Street Fashion Week. They will be participating in the daytime pop up boutique and our catwalk show.

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