Sunday, 7 April 2013

High street fashion week - KP Boutique

KP Boutique is a fresh and distinctive brand that specialises in crystallising striking heels for every occasion. Kp Boutique is able to bring you an exciting collection of different colour heels to compliment any outfit. Each Shoe has a vast selection of jewels , pearls and other stunning crystals applied individually by hand by Essex based designer Kelly Pierou. As each pair of heels are unique, Kp Boutique are able to offer the service of producing your own personalised heels so making them truly one of a kind.

Kp Boutique shoes are at the height of fashion and are loved and worn by members of the famous ITV2 series TOWIE. These shoes are unique to others on the high street as they can be customised to the individuals needs and personal taste. The Kp Boutique wearer is confident, stylish and a lady who likes to stand out In the crowd. 

I got the opportunity to ask the lovely Kelly some questions via email and i cannot thank her enough for taking the time to answer them.

I would love to know your inspirations in designing :

I tend to look at the current trends at the time, celebrities and living in Essex, bling is always a trend. Essex girls like to be noticed in what they wear and Kp Boutique is defiantly statement shoes

 Also who would be your ultimate fashion icon to bling out and what could you envisage doing for them?

My all-time fashion Icon is Victoria Beckham but not someone I see wearing my heels, Kp Boutique heels are defiantly a Katie Price kind of girl, someone who likes to be bold, daring and stand out of the crowd. I would love to colaborate with Katie on making a really sexy but cute collection of crystallised heels

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

To have a contract with a big high street brand, that would be mind-blowing, team up with some magazines and to be at London fashion week showing off my designs

Will you branch into customising other pieces?

Not only to I have an amazing collection of colourful crystallised heels I also have a beautiful collection of bridal heels. I have expanded my crystallising to other footwear that includes Converse, Vans, also offering the service of bespoke designing etc. I make a large selection or crystallised gifts such as wine glasses, crystallised names in frames to mention just a few. There is no limited to what Kp Boutique can create

What does high street fashion week mean to you ?

My main goal is to get Kp Boutiques name out there, to show your everyday high street shopper that crystallised shoes are not just for celebrities but also for your everyday sassy chic to wear with pride on all occasions. It means that people will see what I can do and create this will be a total dream come true

Any other things you would like to add for your fans ?

This year I will be launching Kp Boutique’s website, this will have my collection of jewel encrusted shoes, my bridal collection and also many other sparkly items so watch this space!

KP Boutique will be at High Street Fashion Week, they will be participating in the daytime pop up boutique and our catwalk show.

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