Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Maybelline - Vivid lipstick in Fushia Flash

So i am loving the latest offerings released by Maybelline, the 24 hr colour tattoos plus my favourite falsies mascara. It just makes me want to go back for more, so over easter i was sent this beautiful lipstick as an easter present as I've heard on the grapevine this is a pretty spot on dupe for a certain candy yum yum.

Now i know this lipstick looks quite scary, but with spring and summer coming i really do just think "grab it and run" as life is too short to worry and if i have to rock this on my own then so be it. As i don't this the hospital would appreciate such a bold colour statement.

Now on the swatch its just so buttery and lovely, however i don't own candy yum yum so girls and guys, does this resemble ? As i will happily settle for a dupe then fork out for a true real one, i just think why get one when i could get 2 dupes for that price. Plus the women on youtube i watch for dupes are amazing and you can see they work hard at it. Plus they also honestly tell you the obvious differences if any and the majority ive seen are that you may need to touch up once in the day.

Now I'm really happy with these vivid colours and will be purchasing more, i cannot believe the quality of drugstore brands at the moment as they are really becoming high quality and the gap between high end and drugstore in my opinion is getting smaller. I find that a lot more dupes are coming out for lipsticks and eye products, so the formulas are becoming so smooth and hydrating. Hopefully the foundations will follow suit as i wish this was in foundation form as the hydration and butter feeling is what i need for my face. So fingers crossed it will go that way and bravo for an amazing product.

Do you own any Vivids ? Whats your favourite drugstore lipstick ?


  1. Peculiar article, just what I needed.

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  2. that colour is to die for...on my shopping list


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