Sunday, 5 May 2013

American haul

Okies yeah so i was i wont lie getting ansy and wanted american brands so bad i found an amazing seller on Amazon and placed probably quite a fair order .....opesy daisy.
Now be warned i will be doing individual reviews on these products as they are aimed at different problems and skin issues. Plus with american brands to i need to look properly into each brand and see what they are about to give you the most accurate information.

Now this was the box in all its glory and i will give you a quick few sneeky peakys. 
Also i will say if you ever think order from america, please be warned the postage is not cheap so its worth it more to order bigger and also ask to be marked as a gift. I was charged £20 in customs as it was deemed as merchandise which i didn't mind as the actual custom charge was £12 it was the s**** and can i say arse wipe postal service whom added £8 as a *handling charge*
Now i wont go into it as its off topic and to all whom work for the postal service and respect our mail fair play to you *your ace* to all the rest on that documentary who rob,batter and pay no respect i should have told you to shove your £8 up your backside !!!! rant over ;O)
My parcel had a dent and i wish i had pictured it to show my point more vividly.

So anyways i bought some physicians formula products made for sensitive and problematic skin.
Must say there tools that come free are ace. 

Covergirl powder in Green (The colour code products for your skin type ) So green is for dry or sensitive.

Milani baked blush which I've heard loads of about over the youtube and bloggersphere.

Yes finally, I've raved about getting some of these since i bought a petal pusher palette and single eyeshadows off my friend grace from
I bought Dont steal my thunder, Lust and On cloud nine, im on the look for walking on eggshells and comfort zone so i will be doing a ton of tutorials and looks with these as i tested Lust today and OMG.... pick these up girls if you see them, trust me. 

Just thought i would brighten your day with a picture of the Happy booster as its pretty and well we all need some pretty things to bring a sparkle of joy into the day.
Also if anyone has a revlon colour-whipped review please link me up as I'm on the hunt, heard was a must for a drier skin. 

Are you from the USA ? What would you recommend us UK girls ? 

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  1. Lovely haul! I love the Milani baked blushes, they are amazing! Shame about the darn charges though :-(



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