Thursday, 9 May 2013

Gandy FlipFlops

Now with the oncoming of the Spring and summer months nipping at our heels, our well and trusty footwear that can show off our polished nail and fine tan will be soon free to roam about the lands. 
Also its the time most people take a well earned break away and that being said the most trusty type of shoe will be a Flip-flop. 

Hence how i found Gandys Flip-flops and there ethos is very different from most

Two young brothers orphaned by the Tsunami on a mission to help fellow orphans.
After the tragic experience Rob and Paul suffered in the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 the brothers wanted to turn the ultimate negative into a positive. They created the Orphans for Orphans initiative, designed to ensure a brighter future for orphans in less developed countries - where help from friends and family isn’t always available. We want to give orphaned children the education, healthcare and support that they deserve. 
By the end of 2014, the brothers want to open an orphanage in the memory of their parents - Kevin and Sandra Forkan. The opening of the first Gandys orphanage will mark the 10th anniversary of the tsunami. Our ultimate goal is to have Gandys orphanages all over the world. 
While we make preparations for building our own orphanages, Gandys is donating 10% of its profits to a great, worthy little charity called Mango Tree Goa in India. After the brothers spent so much time in India they wanted to focus on helping orphaned children there first. Mango Tree Goa helps the children get an education, and also simultaneously provides them with much-needed health-care and nutrition. 
In one year of selling our flip flops, Gandys has donated enough money to Mango Tree to provide school supplies for one hundred children and to fund their teacher for a whole year!

Now upon knowing this and they have kindly sent me a pair for review, to which I'm grateful for but i really would like to get the message of this company spread far and wide. When so many people still live in poverty from this tragedy, a staple we use for summer could be bought from Gandys and then a portion will help others too.
Im not a preacher but i am a great believer in paying it forward and what the creators of Gandys have done is fantastic plus also the amount of colour and vivid range of the brand really does show how the passion they have.

So these are in lovely Waikiki White 

So they come packaged in a really sturdy box with the "Orphans for orphans" logo on the top and also a card inside just explaining a little more the concept if you hadn't happened to see it on the site. Gandys logo is bright and fun.

So even if you have little feet as many women i know struggle to find smaller sizes, Gandy do cater. So as you can see by some of these pictures, also my friend kindly modelled these as my feet are not for by any means public viewing and she has models attributes even if she doesn't believe me. Plus i also then had a second opinion to go buy as well. Always helps when reviewing to gain more insight into what others think especially when online shopping. However i do believe Gandys is becoming more widely available.

So well these are very comfortable and secure, as the detailing in the roped section means the band holding them between the toes is not going to dig in. They are also very good in that they have durability, the sole is very thick without being overly so its not heavy.
The flip flops have also grip to them so as my friend said she wont go flying if she wore these by a pool or any form of slippery surface. So when coming to picking flip flops these are very good quality and if you were to pay that amount then why not go with Gandys who will contribute to helping orphaned children.

So im loving this brand and think they are doing amazing work.


  1. Oh wow they look really lovely and what an inspiring story that is too xx

    1. Really is and inspiring how they are trying to make a business yet not forget those left behind, really is touching.


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