Sunday, 5 May 2013

MAC -Baking beauties collection

So wow, MAC have gone on a collection overload it seems for spring. No sooner did we get over the amazing christmas offerings and Archies girls, we were bombarded with New dimension, Baking beauties, Summer bronzing, Hayley williams. With the RiRi collection due out in June. 
Personally i would love to do a monthly collection release so we get a chance to breathe and also I'm not loaded so if i wanted a limited edition i need a chance to save. I wanted to purchase some lipsticks from the bronzing collection but now cant as they are sold out and my beautiful friend picked up my baking beauty items as within hours a collection will be sold out. 

I heard the RiRi Woo went in 3 hours ? So people who budget and rely on a monthly budget get no chance and i really hope MAC change this policy as i believe everyone should be on a equal standing.  So not a rant but just a plee to MAC ..... slow it down please as we love your products but give a girl a chance phewwww. lol 

So Its a Treat - Pearlmatte Facepowder 

And i also purchased the infamous Lavender Whip 

Now i chose these two after much reading USA blogs and youtube swatch videos as in the UK we get around a 2-3 week period if its popular to await and prepare or like all these collections they just came out of the blue bar the bronzing collection which i received the email and the RiRi Woo. Believe me we have only a few other stores that will stock mac counters and the benefits buying from MAC is that like anything you usually get a sample if you spend over a certain amount and free shipping. I know Selfridges online and Debenhams carries MAC but if they hold the certain collection online is not guaranteed.

So Lavender whip if MAC don't take the hint by take 2, sell out and every woman craving and going bat crazy for this colour then ... madness has set in as....MAC this will make you a killing if made part of the regular collection.

Its Creamsheen so its lovely and even though it looks and says lavender whip, its not going to make you look dead or overkill. Its beautiful and its become my favourite and believe me if it by the gods of MAC gets a re-stock next week....mamma gonna be picking up a backup as holy cow i know il cry when this runs out. Im not joking i will cry.. i will upload a look picture to show you how amazing this lip colour is. 

My next choice was Its a treat - Pearlmatte powder and i wont lie i originally wanted the Pink buttercream, my friend in the MAC store was swatching and honestly did MAC just pour all the pigment and sugar in this compact ? As the colours in the actual compact go all the way through so i can multi-use this product to add some glitz or a colour to my eyes. The white pearl around the side is just a spray coat, which is a shame as it was my favourite when i swatched and would have used that colour on endless occasions. 

So as you can see separately the colours can be used for other functions and i am over the moon with this compact. I am glad i got these two as from my understanding these and the paint-pot eclair were the stand outs from the collection.

Ok so my look and also below is all the products i used

The Wet and Wild - Lust palette review will be coming soon

Now i ordered from the New dimension collection and got 1 product. 
Did you buy anything from the collections ? What was your impression of so many releases ?


  1. You are right, MAC go nuts and release so many collections in short space of time, I wish they would space them out a bit more. Personally I am not as keen on the LE collections as I was a few years ago, I like MAC but I dont go crazy like I used to.
    Lavender Whip looks so lovely on you - you are gorgeous.
    Love you babe xxx

    1. Thank you grace and i know, i do alot more reading and swatch hunting before i part ways with money on a limited edition and knew 3 products stood out in this but saying that i wish i had got the raspberry swirl but hey.... it will im sure come around again lol hahaha


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