Thursday, 23 May 2013

ImPress - Press on Manicure

So when i think of false nails, more often then not its a bad experience as they last no more then a few hours. So along come imPress manicure, the new system where you simply peel off the backing, press and go. Thats all there is too it. 

So when applied properly they can by claim last up to a week and be just as good looking as the rival gel nail finish. Plus i like that they are easy to remove without damage to the nails. 

The website has a lot of amazing information and videos, they explain each step plus they also have an application included to see what the colours look like on the nail. Im loving this application as you can see all the designs from patterned to solid colour.

So this is how the pack comes, showing the colour plus the length. They have short length sizes also.

So the first step is to wash and clean your hands before using the preparation included.
So the pack comes with full and clear instructions on the back, plus there is a preparation pad to clean the nail to just ready it for the adhesive of the nails backing.  Also included is a little nail file secured to where the pad is, really does feel like an at home manicure, but a professional finish.

Now the bottle is really cute and functional, as you think its a just to show the product off but when you remove the lid the bottle pops open. So any spare nails you may have left can be stored incase you loose one later in the week or wish to keep for future use. Im really impressed as it looks really cute on my nail shelf plus i know that i can purchase more, with them having a proper storage container  and not just being wasted and forgotten. So in my opinion i really think they have given you value for money, as there is from what i can see 2 manicures included. 

So after preparing the nail, you measure the nails up to your own. It says to use a smaller size then your nail for best results and lay out the sizes you've picked before hand. I did the steps as stated and it does make it much easier then having to match up nails with hand partially done.
So you take each nail (says to leave thumb till last) remove the backing and press firmly in the middle then, work down the side of each nail. Continue this till all your nails are done.
The only other instruction is to refrain from water contact for 30 minutes. 
So very simple and here is the finished results.

I really love the finish and look of the nails, now i can only explain the feeling if your used to having false nails applied. They feel as good as gel or acrylics plus i don't have nasty glue showing or any feeling that they will come off. If anything they feel extremely secure. Plus i have spares for later in the week.

Now bearing in mind false nail kits cost just under £10 with all the fuss of glue then also having to polish them, if your lucky they last a day. These Impress nails have none of that mess nor need for polishing. You can by all means add nail art but then i would buy the ones with designs. 
This press on manicure took me 10 minutes. They look professional and feel lovely. So next time I'm after false nails i will buy these instead of a traditional stick on glue set. 

Have you tried Impress nails ?


  1. Great review! How long does it take for them to fall off?

    1. thank you, says up to a week if applied properly, i can tell you they are stuck tight and il post a comment under the post saying how many days as so far day 2 :O) xx
      but they can be removed with some nail polish remover.

  2. I tried these but lost a couple straight away! I don't think I prepped my nails right.... they looked great though!

    1. Yep preparation is key as one side i totally removed all trace of old polish and the other side i left a bit then rubbed both hands with the prep wipe. The side with no polish and proper prep, not one nail has come off in day 5 now .... the other hand I've had to replace 2 so its not all bad but yes Preparation is the key and a clean base to start.


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