Friday, 24 May 2013

My birthday - MAC haul (New duo palette,various lipsticks etc) Part 1

So yes my beauty friends i turned the dum, dum dum above number and yes i cannot believe time flies when having so much fun. (On the 20th may) 
So this is what i was kindly given from friends and my lovely husband got me a MAC voucher to spend online with so i was over the moon. So many thanks to my beautiful friends and husband for making my MAC collection just that little bit bigger. Now i swatched and also did proper pictures incase anyone else was thinking of purchasing these regular products so please bear with the 2 part posting on this haul.
So the first items i will show are this beautiful box i received off a friend stuffed full of physicians formula products (I will review) but was so lovely of her.

Now i decided i wanted a MAC pro palette for sometime now and saw the new duo was out and honestly i don't like the insert but when your paying for a 15pan palette and the duo is £4 more makes more logical sense then to fill one and go buy another, when all il need now is another insert. Its growing on me lol.

So its quite thick and really sturdy plus has quite secure mechanism so it wont fly open and send everything sky-bound.

So the bottom you can see the plastic divider which flips between which side you want, it does fit into the sides so you won't accidentally crack or break the side of it, if say you were using the other side and  something dropped on it. It lies flat. 
Now i picked - Top row / Twinks - Shale
Middle row / Wood-winked - Amber lights - Coppering
Last row / Green-smoke - Print - Club
(3 of these pans were a gift) so again i have amazingly generous friends.
This insert will be neutrals and coppers/pinks/greens that i don't have the shades of then the flip side will be colours i know i don't own so colours like winkle, lucky green etc very vibrant


So any suggestions welcome :O) 

So my main passions in makeup are facial powders of any sort and just love compacts. 
So i had to get the iconic skin-finish in Soft and gentle.
Now i haven't used any of these as yet but will review them individually and include them in my look-book posts each week. In part 2 i have the temperature rising items and i have a look i used with them so there is some products I've used this week.

So this is with swatches and the powder up close. 

So part 2 to come with look book plus a review on Pentel pens. xx 


  1. This post makes me really envious! ;)

    I'm currently running a M.A.C giveaway, you should enter :)

  2. Oh what lovely presents xx

    1. Thanks babes , i really was spoilt this year xx


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