Monday, 27 May 2013

Pentel pens - Post 1

Now you might be thinking, a blog on pens ? 
Yes, just because of the wonders of blogging and the internet, lets not forget I'm a passionate writer and as such my tools are pens. When I'm not doing beauty related looks where my tools are brushes. I write within a diary, notebook to jot ideas to new blog posts or even lists.

Now they were so kind to send me so many pens to try, mainly from the EnerGel range.
So with this many pens to trial i was thinking i have to do two posts, as they each are different tip sizes. Plus i like to write for a while to get a good idea of what the positives are to that pen and the next post I'm going to say my favourites. Plus detail each pen with its positives and also the ones i would purchase again.
Now I've tried around 10 of the pens so far and i have 2 definite favourites out of these pens.

So the Tradio pen (Above) and the Fountain pentel pen are my favourites so far. They are like fountain pens you don't need to apply the cartridge too. So they have a triangular tip like the regular fountain pens have but has the ability to do fine lines and also thicker print writing. They are an oval shaped barrel plus they are very comfortable. I think this is perfect to someone whom likes the feel of a fountain pen and owning one, but does not want to have to take a case plus extra ink.

So these are some of the other EnerGel pens I've been trying and i have found the press form ones do take a lot of working to make the ink flow then compared to the capped kind.
So these are really comfortable pens and I'm really enjoying writing with them, plus i have very weak joints so i cannot write for a long time. If the pen is not one of quality and fits my hand properly i will suffer for it in being very sore . Plus using one that doesn't need a lot of pressure to assure the ink flow. Ive found my hand doesn't hurt as much with these pens plus also it doesn't make your hand seize up. I remember using pens and having to literally shake the cramp out of my hand to be able to continue. So with the exam period upon us then i would recommend these for teenagers whom have long written exams upon them. Plus the fountain pens for the fine detailed work that graphic exams demand and also the maths papers may need. I will update with post 2 about the other pentel pens i have yet to trial. Then give a point to point review of all the designs i have with my top 5 also some examples of the print you can achieve.

When looking for pens whats important to you ?

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