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First Light Cosmetics

First Light mineral makeup is a UK british make-up company, bringing affordable and quality mineral foundations, Blush, Bronzer and eyeshadows etc. They also offer the best tools with an assurance of cruelty free products. Now this post is going to have a lot of pictures,as i want to show the quality in the pigments etc plus tell you more detail to how it applies and feels.
As said on there website plus details of the brilliant fact they also trade in some of London's most prestigious markets, meaning you can try and sample this brand up close for yourself.

First Light Cosmetics is a young British label, offering gorgeous, natural, chemical-free products, that are not tested on animals. We offer high quality mineral makeup made in UK. Our product is made of minerals that are so finely crushed and ground that they feel as weightless as silk.  We are a London based Company. Occasionally on Saturday we trade in Spitalfields Market, one of the oldest and most beautiful of London's Markets.  We will publish the dates on our Facebook page. We are member of NMTF. Find us also on I Love Markets, a new vibrant social network connecting all the exciting and cool markets in London.
I was kindly sent some products to trial for them and i must say a massive thank you. As the sample sizes in the bags were brilliant. I could get a real feel for the makeup plus have enough to play around with mixing different shades, dependant on my skin tone. I generally thought i could not wear mineral makeup due to my dry skin and it enhancing the dry patches i have at times. So after a lot of research (Youtube tutorials) and playing with methods. I finally figured it out and its not that hard at all. 

So these are the Products above and i really love the beautiful logo they have embossed on there packaging.

Lipstick in Dusk and Candlelight 
Candlelight is the raspberry red and Dusk is the nude brown 

So the first two products i want to share are the lipsticks. They come in the standard tube and are to me very highly pigmented. Its my first experience with mineral lipstick so I'm not sure on how it should react or apply. This was buttery but the minerals used are pressed into the lipstick so whilst you may feel that its a little lumpy, its not the quality being bad, far from it. 
From my understanding mineral lipstick is pigments pressed with natural oils, so like a powder you get the odd lump the same applies with the lipstick. This didn't impede my application and experienced no product loss, the only thing i did do was use a lip brush on further applications. Its only because the warmth is making the oils warm and once its again cool it reforms. By all means you can use this from the tube, Its just a mineral makeup tip.

Rich deep red Candlelight was my all time favourite to use as it didn't bleed or feather. Nor did Dusk and i used this as a day time nude. It was lovely and creamy. Not drying on the lips as really did make them stand out with no loss of pigment. 

Eyeshadows in Midnight Mauve and Japanese Blossom 

So we come to the Eyeshadows/Pigments, now I'm going to classify them more as an eyeshadow but you can pack these on with some makeup mixer to use them as pigment to so very universal in use. So these were the two i was kindly sent and wow, it was like they knew me and my colour loves.
 I love purples and rose gold colours, as they bring out my green eyes so much. Its what i have mostly in my collection but never have found a lovely rose gold. I've done a look with all these products at the end of the post.
 Now with mineral makeup you would expect a lot of fallout. However with the right base i packed this on with little fallout and in-fact the purple once applied then blended out so easily. Plus i could build the colour, I used my tape trick to prevent a glitter overload on the apple of my cheek. Im so impressed with these mineral shadows i think i may need to crack my others out. I literally thought they would be such hard work but nope i was proved so wrong. 

Foundations in Perfect day, Peach blossom, Spring morning and Breeze in Beaches

So i had originally been sent these in bags as the picture shows above, but i potted them so that they would be protected and also store better. It was a mix from the light collection and fair skin. As i have a Cool undertone with a tendency to then, completely change come summer to more neutral. So this gives you a chance to take literally a little finger full. Then colour mix to your complexion. These pictures are enhanced so what looks like a pile is actually a end of a teaspoon amount. You need so little, i used all four colours adding a little more of the cooler tones. Then mixed in a little container i have. Now when i had finished i kept what i had left, as its literally so little you need why throw good makeup away. I just labelled it accordingly. 
So firstly i will say as I'm on the dry to combination skin type. I moisturised, then applied a light concealer followed by a primer. Then allowed that all to absorb and was ready to apply. Now at first i was told to lightly tap it into the skin which i did on the areas i would need a fuller coverage.
Then taking a stippling brush worked my way around the face making sure to dab rather then swirl. It was so odd to me as i use full coverage and love that flawless look so when you see my picture you will understand why i was so shocked with the results. I am so impressed and now my skin is going back to its normal "summer" complexion, i can say i would rather mineral foundation, now that i know how to apply properly then a full heavy duty cream foundation. Its nice to know i have an alternative option if i decide to just dash and go rather then blending and all that faff. 

Blush in Kohilo, Zephyr and Bronzer in Santorini 

So now we come to the Blush and bronzers and really again, i would use these as eyeshadows as the pigment is amazing.  Santorini is a golden bronzer that just makes you radiate and you literally need a dab, i again took tiny little dots of an amount then stippled my brush and tapped them off to apply. As they blend so effortlessly. Now i took a light hand as i used Kohilo as a highlight/blush then used a little Zephyr and Santorini mixed to tone its all in together. The dusky pinkness of Zephyr really brings these colours together.  Finely milled and just a joy to apply as its not makeup thats caking or feeling heavy as you apply the layers. Its light, fresh and flawless plus i really wasn't used to it but i love the final look. 

So as you can see i went really lightly on the blush and bronze colours just to give a hint of colour. The eyes were done with the base being a Colour tattoo in Rose Gold, packed on the Japanese blossom and Midnight mauve, blended then simply used a liquid eyeliner and kohl for the waterline. 
The lipstick i did a duo effect with the Candlelight being on the bottom lip and the cupids bow lined the top lip, then taking dusk i filled my upper lip with this to really make the colours pop. 
I can honestly hand on heart say I'm so impressed this is flawless looking to me and i love heavy cream foundation. Now i was also sent an eyeshadow brush to use and I'm sorry i got it in a mess, so when i have it cleaned i will Instagram a picture of it to the side of my blog. Its a soft tool that picks up the minerals well, helped with packing on eyeshadow so probably is why i suffered very little to no fallout. 
So you can find all you need here 

At the minute they have a brilliant offer for samples of the makeup available. 

Buy a First Light Cosmetics sample for £2.50 and we will give you a discount code for the same amount when you purchase the full product.
You can buy as many samples as you want and get a discount to the sum you spent in one card transaction. With the sample we will post you a discount code to use next time you want to buy our products online.
This offer it is specially addressed to the Foundations since we know it is difficult to find the right one. But you can purchase Finishing Powder, Bronzers and Blushers as well
You can find and buy sample on the product page, selecting the option "2g sample £2.50"

So what do you think of my look and first look with Mineral Products ?

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