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Sparkly Nails - Nail art stickers
So much beauty and fashion involves nails and the art included, in either matching to an outfit or for just expressional purposes. We all assume that nail polish is just whats available but with trends and new nail art designs being published in the media and on catwalks each season, Women everywhere are trying to find supplies to recreate there favourite designs.

We all know that salons can be pricey so why not check out Sparkly nails, its a nail art stockist with all you could ever need for the design your wishing to try. From nail fluff to sparkle, its all here. 

About Sparkly nails

Run by Owner Ali bennett, Sparkly nails was formed in 2004. Nine years later, Sparkly Nails is going strong.  We now stock a vast number of ranges, which all started from one range of products, nail gems�we now stock well over 100 different style nail art gems!  Last year alone we introduced four new product lines; fluffy flock, stampers, caviar beads and water decals, along with a much wider selection of stickers, pearls and gems and we will continue to invest and increase choice for our customers.

So after being kindly sent some lovely nail stickers to trial and plus a lovely "Happy birthday" message for monday, I was over the moon as i love to try new styles and creative art. I know some people think that nail art can be fiddly and not give as good results as a salon, however with the right tools to hand and a bit of practice. It can look as good or better being unique to you.

So i was sent a pastel set of stickers with a range of designs (Left) Ranging from floral to a mix then a lace design, these are all a light pastel pink or blue. The bottom lace design in white. Now i chose this for my left hand as to show you how easy it is to apply plus the finished result. 
First of all have your tools to hand, Tweezers to remove the design from the plastic and if you wish a cuticle stick to help place into smaller nails but not essential. 

I cut the design i wanted away from the others in a straight line so that i can hold the plastic up to my nail then with the scissors, make a small cut in the plastic how big my nail is (do not cut the design as yet) , do this along the whole of the row and with each nail. Then double check it will fit going by the little cut you've made to show yourself how much of the sticker you need for each nail. This is much easier then removing the whole length and cutting as its sticking to your hand. 
When your happy cut the design, remove using the tweezers or flat end of a cuticle stick then apply. Pressing firmly down across the nail working from one side. They can easily once applied be manipulated plus touched up. Then apply top coat to seal the sticker, this literally is so it does not catch and rub off. The sticker is very adhesive.
So this is the Lace with Green polish (no top coat as will bounce off flash)

I must say excuse my nails i do use a lot of nail creams but they are very dry when the weather is cold. 

Now the black lace design has a tiny line of glitter running along the middle, also the same application applies plus these are very sticky so they will last a while. 
I used a green polish but in hind-sight i would next time use a more pale colour with these, probably will try my Nice is nice - Essie polish with this next time. So the black really pops as dark on dark polish really didn't give the art a chance to pop. So thats my fault entirely not the sticker. 

So im hoping i can do regular nail art posts from now on to show you all thats available plus looks and how i applied them. I know there are wraps that require heating, tacky varnish etc to apply but these are brilliant if you want to have a quick effect for an occasion. Plus with the top coat they will last a really long time, as they are stuck on and not relying on the polish to stick. 

Now if my explanation was somewhat a little confusing they also show you how with video tutorials so i have the link here to show you how easy they really are to apply. Plus how to remove and tips on which art stickers go with certain occasions.

Im grateful to Sparkly nails for allowing me to be blogging for them to trial and show there products as i think there range and selection is fantastic with really affordable prices. So go check them out if nail art is your passion or if your looking to have a go at something different.

Are there any art designs you are wanting to try ? 


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    1. Thank you hun and i will do :D XX

  2. I love your blog! I can't wait to read more of your posts!
    I'd appreciate it if you would look at mine?

  3. Love your nail stickers, very cute and so lovely. Anyways thanks for telling us about nail creams, which is actually my dilemma with my nails. Eventually, just like what you have experienced, my nails are very dry when the weather is cold and I couldn't even think that nail cream is a solution.


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