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miamoo - Travel kit

So miamoo was thought of and made by Saira Khan whom you may recognise as a former Apprentice contestant. Herself suffering with effects of dry skin decided to do something about it. She did her home work then found many harsh chemicals in products were used to bulk up and help prolong the shelf life.  Realising her parent's had used essential oils on there skin and never seemed to break out or suffer in the same way her skin had done. 
In her story she explained how she tried many high end brands of skincare on the market with little result even with all the promises promoted by them, then became aware when she came into contact with certain additives, she would become very dry and sensitive. Even as a child she would need steroidal treatment to help combat this.
Now there is a difference in having sensitive skin or sensitised skin. 
Sensitive being that you naturally have some form of sensitivity to something however sensitised skin is when a person becomes sensitive to a particular environmental change, cosmetics, hygiene products or food additives etc which then leads to a skin reaction. 

So miamoo ethos


  • We aim to deliver high quality natural skincare products which protect  and heal dry skin conditions with outstanding results for all the family.

  • We want to be known as the brand that started the  “one range skincare for all the family” revolution.  We won’t ever create a product that  can’t be used by the whole family. 
  • We want to be help our customers to save time, money and have less plastic bottles in their bathrooms
miamoo is made in the UK and is free from parabens, mineral oil, petroleum jellyand waxes, SLS, synthetic colour/fragrance and PEGS
  • 98.5 – 100% naturally derived skincare

  • Free from harsh ingredients such as Parabens, Petrochemicals, Sulphates Synthetic colours/fragrance, Triethanolamine (TEA), Diethanolamine (DEA), No PEGs, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

  • Excellent for dry skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema

  • Can be used by pregnant mothers and also on baby from birth

So having set up and funding miamoo, then came sourcing the best produce and ingredients that work to help moisturise, calm and improve a dry or irritated skin.  Having seen her own parents using essential oils and then doing all the business essentials. Found a manufacture and chemist to make the formulations and Saira even went as far as using them herself to see if they would work for her. Saira also wanted the skin child safe and usable so no little one should ever have to suffer with dry or irritated skin.
miamoo website is now set up with the products that have been especially made for adults and children alike.
There are also helpful pages on 
Plus and skincare for babies and children with tips for certain times in babies and childrens life where skin can become irritated. Same for adult skincare .
The site is well informed and goes into detail with why ingredients are added and there properties, plus what will help in a given season or need.

miamoo -Travel set 

So i was kindly sent the travel set to review by miamoo, if you follow the link you can see it has a travel size of all the main products sold
Contents included 
30ml - Splashy water 
30ml- Fresh locks
30ml- Baba Oil
30ml- Huggy lotion
30ml- Spritz and wipe 
30ml- Cheeky cream 

The travel set comes in a clear blue zipper bag, with a card ring in the middle with the lovely logo plus a mini circular picture of Saima. Then on the back is all the product information. When removed the bag fits all the products perfectly with extra room where a muslin cloth has been added in.
This bag is perfect for mums to be hospital bags as both mother and baby can use the product but also if you want to try the brand to see if it suits your needs.
So this is the 3 step treatment within the travel set.

Splashy water and Fresh locks 

I love the names of the products as they are unique plus i find them incredibly universal, mothers can use them for children and adults can use them also.
The fresh locks shampoo is lovely and you can smell the essential oils when using the product, its a light florally scent to me with hints of a lavender smell. Its incredibly light and with no harsh chemicals or additives you hair is left feeling so clean and soft, I also felt i needed only a little amount for my long hair as it seemed to really go far in the shower, My scalp can be sensitive to harsh shampoos so i tend to stick to the more natural based ones and i can say this is one i will be looking into. I wasn't itching after but was left with my hair feeling light, fresh and in good condition. I know coconut oils and nut oils are fabulous for hair so the almond oils they use must be a conditioner but in the sense of not needing to smother your hair with a thick layer then remove separately. Its just naturally cleaning and moisturising.  
The splashy wash again was less scented and just was lovely to wash with, leaving me feeling very clean but not stripped of my skins own moisture. I sometimes dry myself then feel some products make me need to really grab a moisturiser as its almost cleaned me too well but not in a good way. This splashy wash i think is meant for a bath but i was happy to use it in the sink at nights or in the shower on the flannel provided to really protect my skin. It did thank me for it as my skins been so much happier this week, soaking emollients better and just I'm not worried of a reaction.

 Huggy lotion and Cheeky cream

Awww the cheeky cream and huggy lotion were my all time favourites in this travel set. 
The cheeky cream is thick and smells lightly of what reminds me of camomile/sudocreams. I had this I'm my handbag and when i didn't go to an appointment it was next to my bed for use on my hands and nails. It soaks in really well but also doesn't make you feel like you need to reapply several times during the day. Its not a runny consistency its almost a mix of balm and cream. Really loved this product. 
Huggy lotion was my all time love, a pump dispensing design container with a beautiful lotion inside. It was light and soaks into the skin beautifully. Its again not a heavy scented, they literally are light wafts of pleasurable smells,very natural. Its not over bearing as a lotion and was so quick and easy to apply that i used this at night, as i knew i would rub in and just be ready to jump into bed with no need to sit for 5 -10minutes waiting for absorption. Again my skin thanked me for this treat as it was very soft after application. 

 Baba oil with Spritz and wipe 

Baba oil I've heard about and many good things have been said. Now i mainly only use an oil in my hair or my face during winter when I'm really suffering from dry skin. Now this oil i can smell the lavender infusion. Its again a light, absorbable oil which does not leave a heavy residue as some oils do. It can be used for baby massage and again for adults who like using oils to infuse the skin with some extra help plus its extremely calming because of the lavender. I preferred using this at night as a light use of this just made me feel relaxed and sleep very well. So while this is not a daily essential for me its nice when I'm struggling to sleep to help relax me, i would say this is a perfect product for mothers and babies who are doing massage plus increasing that bond. 

Spritz and cleanse i used as my makeup remover plus also i gave a quick spritz before i started the daily applications of all my makeup. As its infused with minerals plus feels light and fresh, has a citrus smell which again i could only pick up hints of as i can smell the oils more. They are so moisturising and was very pleasant to use. It can also be used as a cooling spray. Which in summer is a lovely idea as some just are water based but this will actually help to add moisture your skin looses in the sun with the mineral infusion. 

Im so impressed with the travel kit, i think it offers a real insight into the quality of the products miamoo has to offer but also they are presented beautifully. The addition of the flannel made this a perfect set as you had everything you needed for every step to a fluent and cohesive skincare routine. Its wonderful for sensitive skin, absorbs well plus can be used if you have small children or babies Which is brilliant as then saves on the need of multiples of products for each family member when this can be used buy all the family. This would make a perfect gift for a mother expecting or even someone whom is going to hospital and struggles to find travel sized sensitive skin based products. I will be investing in one for when i go into hospital at the end of summer as its got everything i will need. 
So thank you miamoo for allowing me to review such a beautiful product. 

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