Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sparkly Nails - Water Decals

So im loving doing Nail art and being given the wonderful opportunity to regularly blog for Sparkly nails to show you the amazing at home nail art you can do plus achieve, so easily.

Now water decals are basically like the old style tattoo transfers where you would wet the paper and then transfer this to your skin. This however is with nails and there are steps to make this effect easier plus a really lovely pop of design to your nails. 
It adds a flawless effect if done right that you have some magical nail skills with drawing design. 

So these are the Water Decals and like the normal Sticker Decals, Packaged in the same way.
I have a beautiful Flower design plus they look white but they are classy parisian style ladies. 

As always there are amazing tutorials to show you step by step instructions if your struggling. 
So all you will need for the water decals is a tiny pot of water (I used a lid of a pot of cream i hadn't opened yet) some tissue and again i used half dried out baby wipes as i thought it would help smooth the decal out plus take off the excess water. Then top coat the nail when your all done transferring. 

So forst step is to paint your nails any colour you wish to go with your decal. 
So as you can see the pot of water i used in the top right hand corner, you cut the Decals apart then remove the plastic topping thats protecting the design. Once this is done you hold the decal in the water for 15 seconds, now like the tattoo transfers the paper sucks up the water and the decal then will slide when time is up. So i personally placed the paper halfway on my nail then slid the decal on with my forefinger. Then taking the partial dry baby wipe, take off the excess water and smooth the decal in to place plus smoothing any creasing. It says you can pull the decal off but i found it easy to slide off. Its personal preference. Then leave for a bit to dry a minute or two will suffice or when you have done the rest of your hand if carrying the effect on. Once thats complete then just add a layer of any Top Coat you desire. 

Bright Bouquet
So the first style i tried is a perfect summer water decal with and amazing design and colour payoff on the nail. It is sleek without being over the top and adds a little added delicateness too your nails. I think these are amazing with pastels or neon colours as they scream spring at you.
Lovely and the different sizes plus some had a straight edge so when im a little more versed in application i can try bringing it right along the cuticle. So it looks like the flower is just coming from the  nail bed. 

Style Icon water Decals 

So at first i saw the packet and was like omg where are they as the page was white apart from the black ones. Now then when i looked in more detail and then slid them off, did i see what the style was.
I love these ones, i think that they are so classy looking that on my thumb i did a double decal with the white and black one side by side to give some dimension to the nail.
I probably would use these ones for accents and with another style as i feel the thumb then maybe a lace effect on the other nails would really pop. 
So im in love with these ones. 

So as always here is the link to the Water decal Tutorial

Plus id love to hear your comments on if you have tried these and what you think.


please feel free to leave a comment :O)

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