Thursday, 2 May 2013

Time away .... why ??

Ok so some people may have noticed I've not been posting daily as i did a massive triple daily posting mass epic run over the High street fashion week, Now i prep my posts in advance as i know my health is poor and i have dips plus could be rushed off in a instance. 

No pity please as I'm fine with my disability and the restrictions it means, took me a while to get there but i use my blog as my hobby,vent or just place to come and talk to vast people i can reach.

Now i in no way get paid and i have been told that it can be seen as a job but believe me on days i find it easier to one tap a keypad then hold a pen as believe me having needles in your hand daily will make them swell up and yes i can do it of 10 minutes at a time but i take breaks. Also when i wasn't sick i was a typist so i know a computer really well and thats just life.

So i had bought some american products I've been waiting for and they arrived, So i will be reviewing these and also some lovely products i was sent from some very generous companies.

I also got 2 MAC lippies in the debenhams sale and offer of a further 10% off so i had a treat from my hubby he gave me this early as its my birthday soon and i asked for MAC vouchers. (He says I'm hard to buy for) and as i have to prepare for a major operation in summer now, i need to reign it back and i know i cant by anymore MAC or NARS for ages while i save so thats why i asked for it for my birthday coming. Ops these are Velvet teddy and Up the Amp.

Wearing Up the Amp 

So yes excuse the absence but i will be back on full form, don't forget the comp still running and yeah i wish you all well and send u a virtual hug as I've missed you. 

I also have said a personal thank you to some people already but my girls whom i talk to daily and know who they are !! You girls are my just angels on earth and i adore you, so welcome to my new subscribers and readers. I cant wait to get to know you all xx 


  1. Hey sweetie - you take care of yourself and dont worry about how often you blog. Just look after your lovely self.

    I love Up the Amp on you, its a great colour. Enjoy your American goodies.

    Lots of love xxxx

    1. THanks grace
      hope your well and your blogs keep me going x

      loads of loves back xxx

  2. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing so no worries about how often you blog!

    Your goodies look ace so enjoy them :)

    Emily Jane xo

  3. thank you emily xx
    huge hugs babes xx


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