Friday, 3 May 2013

Miss Glossybox - 1st box

So as i could not seem to find a Green Glossy logo i will show you a little sneaky peaky ..... what would or could this be ?
Now i found out about this via email a couple of days ago and thought its not aimed at my age but il sub as makeup and beauty in my opinion should hole no age bar. Yes obviously we are sometimes more adventurous and believe me there is things i know i would only trial in the comfort of my home. Plus obviously teen skin can suffer more with hormonal changes but girls we all know that demon visits us once a month so if i see anything that i can use monthly rather then daily as aimed i will. Also i will test our high street brands in the same light as a high end. So even though this is cheaper and aimed to a certain market, its a box, its green and different to me so il happily give it a whirl. 

So im going to tell you what was in here as i have a friend with a teen daughter whom I'm going to send this to as a trial, as id love a teen opinion on if it meets there needs ? did Miss glossybox get it bang on or would they prefer a higher end product also being that they are new but want some form of consistent quality (not saying lower end are not quality but not just any old tat ... does that make sense) As i kind of think they could throw every thing at a teen and go its pixie-dust, for most teens thats enough but you also have to ensure they get value too. So I'm aiming for 3 boxes to get an idea of what the general idea will be. So my opinion will be very vague as its the first box.

So contents
Amie - Spring clean cooling mask
So ?? - Dry Shampoo
Glitterati - Nail polish Shade 6
Popband - Hairband by Molly mabel
BeautyUK- Eye pencil
Eye Rocks - Eye tattoo

Also received an extra Glossy lollipop like the valentine box and a nail file and clipper.

Now the mesh bag i love and wish they would do this for the normal glossy box, the Card information i feel is not really impressive. There is very confusing information on there and some brands unless you know only have the web address to go by. So i think for a first box its ok and like the products myself. However the Information card needs working on and love the colours just needs a little work.

Did you get the first box ? What are your opinions ?


  1. I think this is a cute box xx

  2. Wow, never heard of this but it looks awesome!


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