Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bagza Character

So wow seems like so long ago that High street fashion week was around, i admit i didn't attend and was really so lucky to make contacts with some amazingly talented designers. Now this lovely company Bagza Character you may remember for its adorable bespoke tote bags, one of which was presented to This morning presenter Holly Willoughby. 

Bagza Character is run by the lovely Jackie. She will take your features and passions then bring them to life in the character "betsy blossom" whom is the basis for all the Bagza bags. I was so lucky to personally email Jackie and really get to know this amazing lady and she offered to make my own bag. Now i was and am so extremely grateful to Jackie as to those of you whom know me personally. This bag will be accompanying me to probably every hospital admission i have and my major surgery. I will update in a separate post.  So this bag is so special to me, as I'm sure all the Bagza bag owners equally love theres. 

So here is my beautiful bag 

There is lovely glitter and sparkles on her too but as myself and Jackie had suspected the cameras just do not do her justice as to the amazing sparkle. Its not over the top, nor does the glitter shed and its placed in specific points so to draw the main features to the forefront and make it just sing class. Its personal in every sense and you just feel so proud to own one when it arrives. 

The detail is amazing, Jackie went on basically my Facebook picture as i have a headshot as my profile and really was a genius as this is a real bespoke creatively all down to jackie, the only thing i inputted was my eye-colour. As they are quite a specific green and she got it spot on. Ive had many friends enquire to be put in touch with Jackie and my own cousins in South Africa are begging for one to be sent over as my aunt is currently here on a visit. This is the love and talent Jackie's creations bring.
It is a long wearing durable tote bag and the materials used to create the image i can see have been sealed professionally so they will not remove in any time soon. She will be a precious member of my bag collection for many years.  I do hope Jackie will not mind me making my face my new avatar as I'm not blowing my trumpet but she has made me looks stunning. LOL 

So as you can see my name is on the bag and also my passions which as a beauty blogger and lover she has incorporated plus all my favourite colours. The daisy she did not know is my favourite flower with gerberas. Daisies have a very special meaning to me as i actually received a daisy necklace from my best friend when i was a teenager for my birthday and ever since its been a special meaning and i have received blue daisies when i was very sick in my teens. So she has really tapped into me unknowingly.
Also the hair band was the part i just jumped for joy at as I'm very passionate about ornate hair pieces and would love to own more hair jewellery to show off, as i just love the era's of tudor head-dresses etc so its really so amazing that I'm just speechless. Im in love with my bag honestly and my husband who is not usually very in-to what i do or in depth, he obviously is proud of what i achieve. However with Jackie's bag arrival, came and took a very lengthy look at her work, marvelling in it and giving her high praise indeed.  

I really cannot thank Jackie at Bagza Character enough, so I'm going to say again and with a heartfelt massive sending of hugs..... Thank you Jackie. xx 

If you wish to contact Jackie or see her other amazing creations then visit the Facebook page

Or email at for more information if you don't have Facebook 

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