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BeTrousse Box - Glitz and Glamour

So the lovely BeTrousse whom i have collaborated with in the past and kindly reviewed a previous box, have now added a new addition to the collection of boxes they offer for an amazing price. The contents  are all full size products that is the main attraction to Betrousse UK as with the brands being French they scream class and chic. 
I do prefer these boxes as i can use a product for a full period and then honestly know if i will repurchase. Its a quality and affordable beauty box. Plus you can pick which box you wish and no commitments or subscriptions to enter into, you pick and choose at your own will. 

Now the newest edition is the Glitz and Glamour box. 
Retailing for £10 plus postage and packaging, this box's contents will retail individually for £70
So as always it comes in a lovely spacious box with pink tissue paper inside and information cards to the products. I prefer this to other beauty boxes. I find them to be sturdy and reusable. Plus for the price of our beauty boxes on the market this offers value for your money. 

So contained within the Glitz and Glamour box were

Make Believe Beauty - Shimmer Lip Gloss (15ml RRP £10.00)
Jason - Normalising Natural Shampoo (250ml RRP £7.29)
Benta Berry- Exfoliating system (30ml RRP £14.00)
Fair Naturally - Mango and safflower Body Moisturiser (200ml RRP £3.99)
Tulecos - Toning Oil (

All products are Full size

Make believe Beauty - Shimmer Lipgloss 
So we first of all have Make Believe beauty known for there tanning line of products and they offer this lovely light shade of gloss with shimmer. Its perfect when sporting a tan to really make the features seem to just beam and just this with a fresh glow will show any natural beauty. Nothing else is needed when sporting a healthy tan, less is more and this shimmer gloss will defiantly be a holiday favourite for travellers.

Jason - Normalising Shampoo 

Ive heard of the brand Jason before and had the pleasure of using another version but conditioner, i love this brand is natural and so gentle on your hair. The size of the bottle is immense and will last you a good while, now i cant use to harsh a treatment at the moment with my hair so this has been fantastic. It cleans your hair so intensely but because it maintains the natural balance to the hair it wont strip it. It was a pleasure to use and was a real godsend on the days my scalp was sore.

Benta Berry - Exfoliating system

I wont lie i didn't use this product and passed it onto a teenage member of my family to use as i have a clarisonic system so i cannot double exfoliate. I have had this before and from what i remember it was a good exfoliator for when i was having a breakout plus when my skin was feeling very clogged without being harsh or too much for my skin. Nor over chemically. My relative has not presented to me any problem with this product. 

Fair Naturally - Mango and Safflower Body Moisturiser

Now this is one of the products i received immense enjoyment from and loved, it smells amazing and decadent with a lovely rich mango smell. Its lovely and rich, moisturises the skin beautifully and also absorbs so well. This was a lovely product as a little goes a long way so its lasting me really well. Im complimented on the smell when i have family over from using it. I love fruity based moisturisers and as this is natural its not a perfume to cause sensitivity. I also love this is a fair trade product so the producers also benefit for the work to making this, so I'm really happy. I would repurchase this in a heartbeat.

Tulecos - 
TONING !! - delete which ever it is not 
Massaging lush oil with all essential natural ingredients ( Lavender, Peppermint, Tea tree, Juniper and orange oils) This is meant as a foot or massage oil, i cannot use it on my feet so i used it on my calfs and also around my knees which really get sore and feel the pressure as-well as my elbows. I personally preferred this in the evening when i was going on down time before bed and especially after the shower to and sent me in a really relaxing sleep, with easing the tension and aches in the joints. I really do like natural aromatherapy treatments and find massage does help with warmth to certain conditions of mine.

This helped with my dry skin with the additional oils to help permeate the skin with a natural infusion of relaxant but also to help relieve the dry skin.Made by a well known french company and devised for the purpose of relaxation and also to be 100%natural with 95% grown in organic farming this oil is the expensive price for that very reason in the quality of the ingredients it contains.The essential oils act as the relaxant and the vegetable oils offer the skin softening agent. This works amazing and i really looked forward to the evening to use these. I did not use this nightly as i just found the oil could clog the skin so i would use this 2 or 3 times a week. As an oil you can imagine you need a few drops warmed in the hands to get the desired affect. 

Im really impressed with the Glitz and Glamour box and think it is well worth the £10 plus postage, you receive full sized quality products which can be used to the full use and not a tiny sample as most beauty boxes offer. I think that Betrousse offer something unique and a real quality box to consumers looking for a beauty box of new brands to trial. Its a pleasure to receive, being from france do expect delivery to take a little longer then usual but I've never found that to be an issue when i know I'm receiving a box full of quality french produce. I have put the links to the site and Facebook page at the top by the logo if you wish to see the boxes on offer. 

Do you receive Betrousse ? 

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