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BeautyUK - 3 new shades of May

So I was kindly asked by, BeautyUK to test 3 new lipsticks that are going to be released. I wasn't going to turn down reviewing for this amazing, affordable makeup brand. So let me show you whats to come, to a Superdrug store near you. 

So this is the trend for 2013, corals and neon brights to come out to play. You may think, ooo I don't know if that will suit me. I encourage everyone to play with colour, as its the season to try that bold lip or give that smokey eye a pop of colour, with BeautyUK being so affordable plus incredibly pigmented. Experiment, as it is liberating plus opens endless opportunity.
Also if your doing anything for charity (Race for life, fun runs etc) going on at the moment and you need some pinks then these are amazing.

So the 3 New shades for release 

So shall we dive into the first colour names ? Now i love quirky and beautyUK these are brilliant and such imagination. When i told my beauty friends they were impressed and quite amused. Hence why i did my own little quirky title. 

Pink my Ride 

Now this colour is called "Pink my ride", very clever indeed, plus makeup is not meant to be serious. Its a means of fun artistic expression. So a neon pink, also the cap that shows the colour comes off to use as a liner or gloss. Personally with my long nails, i would take a travel lip pencil to touch up if i wanted to use the gloss also. So richly pigmented and bright, however on application it is not so scary looking to use. So i really do encourage anyone to try this colour in the store as you never know, it might just go with that outfit you've been wanting to try. Jazz it up with this amazing colour. 
Plus it has some mild lip-plumping ability too, when you apply its almost a lovely minty smell you sense with a little tingle in the lips. So for touch ups i would use the little cap of gloss. 

Son of a Peach 

Now this name "Son of a Peach"  did make me giggle a lot, as its genius. A staple light pink nude for day or night, its the perfect colour if you want your eyes to be the main focus of your look. Again with the light pink gloss in the cap. I would say this for a nude colour its probably the best one I've come across that suits me. As I'm a more vibrant "Pink my ride" kind of a girl. Also I'm find nudes can drown out my complexion, however i would say if you want an affordable and high quality nude to try, this might be the shade for you. 


Now this was my favourite of the three, its a rich berry lipstick. This also has the minty plumping ability too, so this colour with a rich smokey eye would be amazing. Im going to use this colour in this weeks look-book edition. I want to show how a rich berry toned lip can really suit a sultry eye look, but not look over the top. Again the pigments are quite incredible in these formulas. Even when i tried to take the swatch off it took some firm rubs, so i think these will tint the lip then you would only need the gloss to touch them up during the day. 

Swatches on the lip 

So as you can see them on the lips here.
"Pink my ride" defiantly is not as scary when its applied plus it does plump and give the lip a fuller look
"Plumalicious" Is more of a cherry red on application and doesn't bleed nor feather so again a winner
"Son of a Peach" Very impressive nude pink that doesn't drown your features, still defining the lip.
They are all buttery with a smooth application, little needed to get this colour payoff. Like any good lipstick, it should do the work for you and keep a sharp precise application. The make the lips tingle just like the funny play on words, its not unpleasant but one coat is enough. Hence why you have the pot of gloss in the lid. 

So i received a lovely gift from BeautyUK in being able to trial these beauties and they are also offering everyone the offer of 2 lipsticks for £5 (from the 5th June till the 2nd July) in all Superdrug stores. 
So check them out as i was so impressed last review, they are worth the money in my opinion.

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  1. Those are three KEY shades that even minimalist beauty fans need! I love the berry shade, it's lovely on you!

    Love Zoe x


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