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Eau Thermale Avene Review - Tinted Compact in Honey (SPF50), D-pigment and Body care cream

This well known French brand is loved for its properties at helping all skin types. History being that since 1736 and the discovery of a Spring, the thermal water became known to derma-logical properties by being recommend by the doctors even back then. Even in 1871 it was shipped and sent to Chicago for burn victims. This is how far back Avene has been respected as a product that helps the skin.
The Eau Thermale Avene we now know is a constant source of relief and source for people with sensitive skin. Built upon the the strong foundations already of Avene' Thermal spring water, it soothes and offers relief to even those of extreme sensitivity, still to this day being recommended by dermatologists.

They sum there brand up as being 
  • Authentic, Simple and Ethical
  • Contemporary and refined 
  • Meeting the expectations of there customers 
Now there Hydrotherapy centre is unique in it opens each year from April to October plus welcomes up to 4,000 people. There quality charter outlines there research into the properties of the Thermal water. The water was declared to be of "public interest" in the treatment of people with skin conditions. So if you find you have a irritation or need soothing in some form then look into Avene. It goes into so much depth but this is the main basis in which the company formed plus, its ethos towards helping in the treatment of skin conditions.

High protection - Tinted Compact in Honey (SPF 50) 

Your probably thinking why am i reviewing this now ? There is no sun and its a beach product. You would be right but then I'm reviewing this now so when you all jet off you will know that this compact is available for use and well.  Now its water resistant and also has a matte finish. It comes in 2 shades, Beige for lighter skins and Honey for darker skin. I do suffer with Dry skin and its a pain to find products, as certain ingredients are known to be drying plus when summer comes. Other then SPF protection you need to know what your using, confidently wont break you out if you are sensitive to it.

So this is Honey and it would be hard for me in the first couple of days to pull this off without looking tangoed, so i think i will take a light amount or purchase the light one first to build upon. As you can see below against my skin that was a light swatch and blended in. So its a really pigmented sun protection compact. Now i would apply one layer rather then keep applying, topping up with sunscreen if i felt i needed too. Because i can see this building up the tint far to much. If i was sporting a healthy glow, then yes i would probably apply again during the day as it would not be so obvious. I do love the packaging and its the consistency of a cream foundation. Now the sponge provided, would be a sponge to keep and use, as lightly damp to blend out on the face.  However remember this is SPF 50 and water resistant so this is not your usual sun-screen. Unless you wish it to be of course.

High protection compact in Honey with swatch

So then we move onto Hyper-pigmentation of the skin.
Aimed at Dry to very dry skins this is to help with Hyper-pigmentation (Darker areas of skin). Now i have this as when i have bad breakouts ,too much sun exposure, the pigment in my skin either goes or I'm left with almost like a birth mark appearance. I have a big mark on my cheeks and forehead i try to always cover. So this product is to even out the area and also prevent further dark spots from appearing. Hence then my skin should hopefully, not be so uneven with everything thats going on as hormonal changes can make certain skin flare. So I'm applying this D-pigment hoping it will offer a gentler alternative. In the evening to the areas, after cleansing and moisturising.  

D-pigment : Rich dark spot Lightener 

Now I've been using this a lot in particular my face as the darker areas, for the treatment of  hyper-pigmentaton. So whilst it is slowly making my complexion even, making the brown patches less noticeable. As i did just a mineral foundation look with no excessive concealer and i could not notice the areas as much. Plus before with blush added and highlight i really need to be careful , as my cheeks and T-zone are my worst offenders. So I'm loving this and you only need a little it applies really well. Plus being packed with natural oils it helps with hydration. It will last me a while yet but i will defiantly say that its one i will buy more, if the problem persists and i continue to need it. Which I'm guessing i will, now age is setting in. Im over the moon that this has helped me with an area especially my cheek, I've been so conscious of, as i would pack on the product then it would look darker the more or if i used a certain product. So cannot thank Avene enough for this. 

Body care cream 

Now this is a really creamy moisturiser and one i found lasted me better in the morning then evening, as it is so thick its not a quick absorber. So if you need a moisturiser to protect and moisturise during the day then this will offer that. Its helped with my skin whilst its in that transition of winter to summer, plus with some patches of really dry skin. Plus my elbows really have taken to this, it moistens really well and if you choose then to exfoliate later, it will remove the skin better. I found as the cream had made it possible to do so. 

So Avene is using the technology and the natural spring water, to produce hydrating and products that help to keep from damage and also relief from problems if you may suffer from severe dry and sensitive skins. The D-pigment has defiantly reduced the dark patches to my skin and i am not noticing them as much when i apply my cheek powders. This is purely my opinion as is in all my posts, of my experience with the products bar the compact, as I'm far to pale to pull this off as yet. However i do own the Avene water in spray form that i love and use before i apply anything to my face as a hydrator. So i would say there is defiantly benefits to Avene.

So in saying that i found that Escentual are doing a Third of French brand Products in the month of June, with Avene being french there part of this promotion. So all of june stock up on your favourites as i will be defiantly be.

The French Pharmacy 

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