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Kringle Candle Company

So with decedent candles and everyone now wanting more quality products. The same can be said for candles. No longer do we want the white, non scented tea lights.... oh no, now we want scents and fragrance that can stir a memory of a time passed by or even just help with relaxation in this crazy world we live in.So little back story to Kringle candles is below, now I'm going to link the whole page as basically there is a whole amazing history behind Kringle candles. 

 Mike elected to make a Christmas gift for his mother - a candle created from his old childhood crayons. A visiting friend offered to buy it, and the Yankee Candle Company was born in December 1969. Soon he was selling candles at school, to friends and even some stores.
 But by 1972 he'd managed to move the fledgling operation out of his parent’s garage and into an old one-time paper mill back in his native Holyoke. The $80 per month space he rented in the nearly 200-year old building lacked heat, running water and electricity.
Yankee Candle expanded slowly but surely during the next decade, and eventually reached $1 million in annual sales. The vast majority of that business was wholesale, but since a steady trickle of retail customers had been finding their way to the inner-city Holyoke location, Mike became convinced that a more accessible location in the country would be the key to real expansion. In 1983 he took the great leap of faith, using an SBA loan to build a new retail outlet and factory complex just off I-91 in South Deerfield, roughly 15 miles north of Holyoke. The store and the company flourished, retail and wholesale revenues expanded rapidly, and Yankee Candle became an internationally-recognized brand by the mid-1990's. In 1998 Mike sold 90% of the equity in Yankee Candle to Forstmann Little & Co., who brought the company public a year later. He remained on the Board of Directors until 2003 before fully retiring from the business.
And in 2009, he became a close business advisor to his son Mick, but that's another story!

So that there was the start to Yankee Candles, then when his son wanted to take on the same path, Kringle Candles was born. Now with all that knowledge it is no wonder that Kringle candles are as strong and vibrant in scent then there Yankee competitors.
However i will say this for Kringle, i love the homey packaging and the really lovely unique way of making a candle look so chic without compromising on quality.  Now i was kindly sent these for review and they are just what i need, as it so easy now to de-stress.  I really do encourage anyone in a stressful time or needing a calming environment to invest in a candle or some tea lights. It wont solve the problem but it will help when lack of sleep or just offer some light relief. 

Kitchen canister collection in Brownie Cheesecake
So like most candle companies there is usually a seasonal collection or a collection of some innovative scents. I say this in all honesty but the Kitchen canister range reminds me of the old jam jar lids with the cloth. They are beautiful in my opinion, plus there is 11scents in the  "Baked goods" range too choose from. So i was sent the Brownie cheesecake and oh wow (I also received some tea lights from the same collection). When i opened it, now describing scent is hard to do but i will try. (Next app for a computer should be smell-o-vision) Brownie cheesecake is like the mixed smells of the base biscuit tones with hints of brown sugar then a rich vanilla creamy chocolate undertone, tying it all together.
I do love my cake smelling candles and this is one of them as it reminds me of the huge chocolate brownie ice-cream jar dessert at harvester. With the warm sauce and vanilla undertones of the cream.

Fruit selection - Royal cherries 

Now the Fruit selection has many favourite and classic scents available . I prefer fruity and food scents to the fresh and floral. Now this defiantly has a very deep cherry smell and i must admit it reminds me of cherry drops when lit. I have been using this one mostly in the evening when I'm winding down as its just soothing plus when candles are a mix of scent, it can over stimulate you to work out what the smell is. Its like a song you know but can remember the singer etc and at night all i want to do is have a face mask, mug of tea with my husband then drift off into a lullaby of peace. Beautifully packaged and i mean its just a joy to light in the evenings. 

Kitchen canister collection tea lights in - Blueberry muffin, Cranberry Scone and Fresh baked bread. 

These are the tea-lights and they come in either white to match decor you may have or coloured versions. Now they burn for 12 hours and oh boy the throw of smell on these is amazing. I will be stocking my big glass bell jar with a selection of these, Now i found the food scents to be mellow and really just as peaceful, but they do make you think yummy dessert. As my husband says it just makes him think somethings in the over or just been baked. The baked bread was the oddest as you are so very aware of what this smell is, but to have it in candle form is quite a new experience.
I did prefer the blueberry muffin as i like the smells of fruity cake, this was lovely and mellow. Just as blueberry muffins are when freshly baked, just when they are warm does the smell of the blueberry release. So yes this is the milder ones if you are looking for hints of scent for your room. 
Cranberry scone is like a light fresh baked smell of scone with a hint of a vanilla cream,

Fruit Scents tea lights in - Mango , Spiced apple and Tangerine

Now these are tea-lights again from the fruit section, there is one clear and definite favourite in here that both me and my husband battled for territory over. As he wanted it in the evening to scent the room when he was winding down and i wanted it because it just smells so darn good.
That being said the candle we both wanted more and more of was spiced apple. Now this spicey lovely little pot of joy smells like apple strudel or pie with definite hints of cinnamon. This is a definite one we both want when we order. Its divine and you can obtain sample cards to trial all the scents so that you can see which you think will suit your home and tastes. But if your loving a cinnamon apple scent and i think this is the perfect winter nights candle, without a doubt this is a blanket of pure heaven in a jar. 

Tangerine is also from the coloured range also mango is in the white tea light range.
These two have yet to be lit, as they do last. 

Rainy day tea light 

Another from the coloured tea light section, rainy days is like 
Quite apt with all the april showers and bad weather plus is really cute as its a coloured version.
Reminded me of a nice warm clean linen scent.

Burn Times 
Canister 2 wick Large Jar - 52 to 65 hours / Crystal 2 wick pillar - 100- 130 hrs 
Large Tumbler 85 - 100 hrs / Large Classic Apothecary Jar 90 - 130 hrs
Canister 2 Wick Medium jar - 36 to 45 hours / Crystal 2 wick Medium Jar 55 - 75 hours 
(Winter Lights) Medium Tumbler 85 - 100 hrs  / Medium Classic Apothecary Jar 50 - 70 hours 
Crystal 2 wick Small Jar 55 - 75 hrs  / Small Canister 
Small Tumbler 20 - 25 hours  / Small Apothecary 15 hours 
Wax (Day light / Coloured Daylight) - 12 hrs / Single Tea Light - 6 hrs 
Breakable wax Pot pourri - 3 to 6 uses / Wax Pot pourri - 3 to 6 uses 
15 hr Votive / 6 pack votive - 15 hr each / 6 piece Tea light Tube - 6 hrs each
Air fresheners and Fragrance Tester cards (35 included) 

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