Thursday, 20 June 2013

ELF - Custom palette

So whilst we have E.L.F online readily and our USA counterparts also have this in certain stores. I saw this in a USA haul and could not see it in our website, so i bought the palette and choose 4 colours. Then low and behold in the recent sale the colours became 70% off at 45p per pan. So i had seen a YouTube Guru say these would fit a mac pro-pan palette. Now i can equivocally say i have the new flip duo case and the insert, unless you want a mess and one stuck fast e.l.f pan of colour, i would advise buying the proper case or Z-palette. However the compact is only £1.50 at the minute so i would be just getting 2 more of these to fill the colours i have now.

So as you can see its a white case with a elegant writing, not cliche or cheap looking. The quality of the  pigments in the face (cheek) and eyeshadows, are quite remarkably very pigmented, the payoff is excellent and with only a little dab, did i achieve such rich colour. Im surprised they have not sold out as for a cheaper alternative to mac plus travel size. Its a bargain for quality. 

Compact with Dusk, Mauve plus 2 cheek colours 

So these are the other colours i purchased whilst they were 45p and i will buy the pans to fill them. As they hit all the neutral colours you need plus lovely hints of blue and the dusk is a dark midnight shade perfect for smokey eyes. So il be doing more summer looks with these colours. 

 Navy, Periwinkle Aubergine, Moondust 

Ivory, Pink Ice , Ice, Wheat

Wheat to me looks like a MAC - woodwinked Dupe. 
Im so impressed with all the pigment and payoff all these colours show, they have no fallout,can be a little dusty but for 45p per pan, thats really quite a bargain. I did a look with the last pan of colours. 
So buttery and blend-able, I'm really impressed with these essential pans and i think they are perfect for travel if you don't want to risk a damage to a more expensive palette. It offered a lovely light look and wasn't overbearing with glitter, it was the golden light look i was after. Very impressed as always with ELF but i think these should be made more of a fuss of as they could be a real feature in there collections plus offer ladies on a budget or whom need to save the opportunity to have a treat without feeling they are wasting money on something that may do the job. These have all been buttery and pigmented so I'm sure the colours i lack will be just as pigmented. 

Have you tried the E.L.F makeup pans and what do you think ? 


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