Friday, 21 June 2013

Original Source - Pink Grapefruit (Seasonal Edition)

British made ethically sound Original Source is by far one of my favourite shower products to use when i need some good aromatherapy or a shower gel i know will get me feeling fresh and alive in the morning. The Lemon and Mint have been ones I've used in the past and they are so amazing for the morning routine that i often wonder, how did i then come to pass by and not go back. When lets face it they are affordable plus amazing quality. Its obviously one of those brands you as a beauty blogger get forgetful of ( meaning me) because I'm starting to wonder what was my head thinking. lol 

If you're wondering why all our products smell so good, the answer is very simple. They're made containing either pure and natural essential oils or extracts from different parts of fruits, roots, trees, leaves, stems, flowers, fruit peels and plants. So every splash of Original Source is packed with natural stuff.
Essential oils are renowned for their physiological and psychological benefits, and you can read all about them here. You'll soon discover that as well as being good for the inside of your nose, they are great for body and mind too.

They were so kind to allow me to try one of the new Seasonal editions and in looking more on the website I'm loving these, i WILL be stocking up on the vanilla and Raspberry as they are my 2 favourite scents and if its a seasonal then i will probably need a crate to see me sanely through the next year. Plus with the new information I've read that they work in close relation to the Aromatherapy council, it will just be what i need from surgical recovery later when I'm called in. 
Im a firm believer in scents and candles especially can help get the body in a relaxed state to help in all things and rest can promote healing. 

So with all products being Vegan and only made from the best natural ingredients i know this was going to be a lovely and non-harsh shower gel. I love it so much, this is very oddly not over zingy and almost of a mix with organgy/grapefruit smell to it. As i suspect its a merge of a lot of ingredients but i was surprised how well it lathers up with very little needed, considering this has no added nasties that usually are associated with being needed to get shower gels and soaps to lather up. 
This offered a lovely wash, didn't give or leave any residue on the skin. Plus left me feeling incredibly soft and fresh. I also note that my skin did not feel like it had been stripped down of its natural barrier therefore moisturising after was a pleasure as it absorbed with such ease. Im stocking up next shop as i am nearly out of this bottle, its been my favourite winter to summer shower gel. It makes me feel alive and its been what I've needed as with low levels and being tired a lot of the time, i look to remedial remedies now to see if they will boost me. This has and i will continue to use it plus also look into to purchasing the hair care range as-well. 

If you are after something really quite mild yet effective at making you feel fresh and revitalised then i would look into this range. I will be getting back into really checking the Original source range out on my next online shopping venture. Stocking up well for the summer. 
Maybe look into this range if your looking to go into more ethically sourced and animal friendly produce, but also to support the UK brands that we have, whom make amazing products.

So you use or have tried Original Source ?

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