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Blank et blanc - Mycrolator skin device

So luxury treatments are all new to me as I really don't have the budget for them and nor can i leave my house. So when I was asked to trial a new home based Mycrolator system I was really over the moon to see if these work.  I was very intrigued to read more on how this system works and what qualities the oils contain to make them so special and effective. Plus its all natural ingredients and the unit sterile to medical standard.

This is what they say
BLACK ET BLANC® provides premium luxury skincare solutions for the global aesthetic market, focusing on unique devices such as our MYCROLATOR® Skin Prep device which is specifically designed for use with our range of filtered natural oil serum formulations. We also offer a number of advanced scientifically developed and tested skin creams to cater for all skin types. Our brand - BLACK ET BLANC® is part of Black & White Healthcare Ltd, a UK-based company dedicated to developing premium luxury formulations and devices for skincare. All our products have been developed at our own laboratories to provide unique, effective products for both men and women. BLACK ET BLANC® have a number of unique skincare products in the pipeline due for launch in 2013. We continuously strive to create the best of skincare products, through our in-house research and development activities.

I picked a oil for dry skin to trial and they also sent a mature vial oil (Filtered facial oils choices), for some of my lines and feathering I'm getting with old age setting in. Very grateful to them.  So the package was a black box with a almost leather effect and embossed company logo. Very classic and chic, as we all known i love chic and also find less is more. Plus it does make it look a high end product as why go overboard rather then let the product speak for itself.  I know I like pretty packaging but for a professional treatment I do think that simplistic is better as you run the risk if it becoming gimmicky. I really like the fact they included a in-depth and really informative booklet, which explains the reason for the oils and production of them plus the Mycrolator units design and purpose.
 Also a set of instructions that come within this system are clearly set out on its use, plus how to maintain and keep this sterile for future uses. So you firstly prep the skin by washing and drying, then using the end with the small needles press them lightly to the area and do not drag. It's a press, lift then move motion. When this is done use some of your preferred oil to tap into this area. (I found the grey stopper in the cap came away so rather then use my finger and contaminate, I used this to stick in the top quick tip then I used the stopped to dab the oil in) I do have sanitisers so I did wipe before replacing to prevent nasties from multiplying. The rinse the unit and contain, this ensures a good 6-8 uses from one sterile unit. Plus no sharps bins are needed, but i would when I'm finished with this unit -wrapping well and sealing then putting in the box to dispose of. I couldn't see if it said to return to the company and i will ask this then get back to you for an update.

So I've used this twice a week (as stated 2 or 3 times on the website) and I can say the oil does absorb so well and not greasy. It doesn't break the skin as the needle is not even noticeable. My right cheek is worse then the left and its kind of shocked me how well it is doing as its not dry, makeup application is easier as I'm not as self conscious about flaking as there's nothing to flake. I'm sure the pricking the skin first help with the product really targeting those cells needing some boosting. Plus ensuring my skin routines are absorbing better then without this addition. You may ask well does it hurt and simple answer is no, the needle is barely noticeable to the naked eye. Also you may say well I have oily skin how will this help me, there is loads of combinations of oils for specific skin types and if worried then seek some professional advice first off your doctor to see if you can use this or its a actual medical problem. If its just a skin type issue then consult the staff at Black et Blanc to talk to a friendly advisor.

Step by step application 

Do not use on broken skin, acne and all forms of skin problems. See this is why I love summer as the problem of dry skin diminishes (Due to my vitamin D levels being low and anaemia winter means my immune system dives and i become dry as a desert) going back to its normal singing self. Its a little pricey but there is alot of oil here. Perfect for people like me whom cannot go to spa's or leave the home as with some candles and music playing this sent me to sleep pretty quick. Ive noticed the dry areas have improved and I'm not conscious of potential flakes in these places now, plus my foundation looks more flawless and lessened the application time. I love it however the only downfall is i personally cannot afford the bigger system but if you can afford it the I would check them out or a local stockist.

A full set of 16 vials with 2 Mycrolator plus the cleansing system to sterilise is : £97.50
The mini kit with 3 vials and a Mycrolator (storage jar also included) is : £39.00
They also do a set of creams to use.

Black et blanc website or email for a stockist

*I am not affiliated in anyway and was happy with the mini kit to review*

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