Sunday, 21 July 2013

BoxDelux - Beauty box

So with my love of beauty boxes deminishing as they just are the same plus offer no variety. So I saw a few different boxes on offer and I must admit these boxes are more quality. 
The boxdelux is a little more pricey at £35 but it comes with a £20 to spend voucher on the products you may like in there store. For that £20 you can purchase quite a few items plus I was impressed with the box I chose.  Its in the mystery box side and this changes monthly what arrives on your door but for this review I did request the summer prep box to choose. As with the current box the only product I could use would be the Argan oil (they kindly sent me this to trial) so there customer service is second to none.  There are also gift boxes for wedding brides, friends and relatives. 

Who are we 
Each month you have a chance to taste, smell, feel and experience a selection of luxury products. We source many top products from new and established leading brands, and offer the chance to try before you buy. If you love the brands, then find them in the online store and redeem your £20 gift voucher.
"At Boxdelux we are a company on a mission to bring niche and luxury brands into the spotlight. We aim to promote these brands and give our customers the chance to experience and purchase from our online store. We offer a subscription service that delivers high-end tasters directly to our exclusive members along with a gift voucher to spend on their favourite products. Our platform revolutionizes the way customers discover products and delivers our brand partners a better way to access customers."

Within the box were a variety of healthy natural products I was surprised I really liked. Especially the natural nakd bars which were vegan and made with dates. I loved them plus with the makeup you were given 3 polishs and a lipgloss. So if you didn't like one colour you had a choice. In total 13 products (12 in a normal box, depending which subscription you choose).

So as you can see above which I should have pointed out first was the letter enclosed, £20 voucher code with the contents card. It was very personal and written to your name plus the box was courieried. The whole box design was very high quality and more of a feel that gives it a higher quality. So the price does show that box is of a higher standard and not just beauty. Its a lifestyle box. 

I loved and tried every product in this box, the popcorn was really good as the salt brought the slight sweetness in the taste. Very much an eye opener. 
The most surprising were the nakd health snack bars as they are vegan and I was like oooo I'm not sure but I nom'd these and I will defiantly be purchasing on my shopping list. 
The liquid lipstick is lovely consistency and not glossy at all just a lovely handbag product that I enjoy as are the varnishes which you can see in the swatch of my favourite polish colour, the purple. 

Also I have a 25% off voucher for anyone who wants to starts there own subscription. Using code : treat25

I can't thank Boxdelux enough for this chance to review this box.


  1. so cool! I love the £20 gift voucher tactic :)

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

    1. Yes that's very unique and I visited the shop to look and its really well priced so you could get another box of decent goods you like for it.

      Thank you Hun xx

  2. Nice nail polish! And I saw that you got popcorn one of my favorite snacks wanna share? lol that looks like a pretty decent box.

    1. Deffo will share ... Nom nom *hands bag over* and yes brill box had some amazing products to test and loved it x thanks xx


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