Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Natio Cleansing wipes or Simple wipes ?

So i want to start discussion monthly topics along with a post informing everyone of bargains, discount codes, latest news and views from the beauty and fashion world.

This months i purchased 2 boxes of Natio wipes to receive another fabulous Debenhams goody bag and whilst I've seen this brand I've never ventured into using it. Myself and my beauty girls did this and we honestly have been blown away by the quality of the wipes. They come within a box and the pack has 24 wipes. Now they are moist wipes that can remove the stubbornness of makeup and i really love the smell of the fresh natural oils. I will use these for when i remove makeup and need a soothing wipe that won't dry my skin nor do i need to go through a pack to expect all the makeup to be removed.

Now would these be better then my simple wipes as on price comparison the simple wipes are cheaper with natio being just under £4 in the sale.

My simple wipes come in a pack of 7 and I use these as they are non harsh plus they offer a good texture to get that stubborn liner off. I really like these and get then when its 3 for £3 in the boots offers but then I'm getting 21 wipes for the price I pay for one box of the natio. However to justify £7 for 2 boxes of natio wipes is a no no and Its a nice little treat if they do goody bags again then these will be what il grab. 

However in say thing that I'm now thinking my simple wipes are a tad of a rip off and may resort to boots cucumber wipes and my sainsburies basic (use all the time as a staple in my makeup desk) yes I am wipe mad.. But I do have a roll of cotton and remover as a back up. Im maybe just too into my makeup wipes but i truly do think that what is in these wipes will help prevent clogging pores and build ups of dirt. These two have become favourites as they are very moist and only takes one wipe to remove the majority of my makeup. I may need to use some eye remover if i have used a lot of eyeliner just to simply be kinder and not irritate my eye. 

I'd love to know your opinion on wipes and what you use ? 

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