Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nourish Golden glow - Illuminating face Shimmer

So for a second time i was accepted to review for Nourish Skincare and i must say this product looks amazing in creating that summer tan glow. Its multi-functional and can be used as is or added to foundation/moisturiser to give a glow, or a lovely highlight. 

Nourish say -
Containing Golden mineral powders to life and define your complexion, and Active Tonka bean extract that emits light to give the skin a vibrant, natural, healthy glow, as well as reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone and age spots. Aloe Vera stimulates collagen production resulting in firmer, smoother skin as well as repairing damaged cells. Tripeptides and hyaluoronic acid help to reduce wrinkles and fight signs of skin damage from environment and ageing

Nourish Golden glow - Illuminating face shimmer 

So the nourish packaging as always very adult quirky (as I call it ), however not overboard and caters to men and women alike. So just saying when i review a product its for everyone. 

With the golden glow I would not use a lot as you will see below and il explain. A small dot is all you will need as it ends up looking like glitter. However when mixed with some foundation or moisturiser this will be evened out so dont fear it will have you looking like tinkerbell. So with the Golden glow containing aloe vera this will help protect and keep the skin hydrated as well. 

As the instructions say to apply a small amount and be used a number of ways to add radiance to the skin. Its healthy and natural ingredients they use plus mineral particles. I really do think this product is a good investment for summer and especially when you want to look more radiant and healthy. Plus to add some of this to my foundation will illuminate and reduce the need to add a powder highlight. As when my skin is a little dry on the cheek area i do try to avoid powder and use cream based products so this is going to be used all through the year by me. Especially christmas being the time i usually transition into cream based products.

So you can see it looks like a pearly almost moose texture with flecks of gold shimmering. Now its this that surprised me as its one pump and honestly it rubbed into my whole forearm. So i will be using literally a third of the amount shown here, as thats sufficient. Its very pigmented for a product that multi-funtional in that its going to be mixed to other product. If i was going to add this to foundation i may use half a pump to see the luminosity shine through. Now from the swatch you can see its a pearl almost sheer cream which absorbs really quickly, to then leave this amazing radiant almost like gold flecks of colour on the skin. So this with a tan will be amazing and il be recommending this to all my friends going away on holiday. It didn't dry my skin out as i imagine these products could prevent the skin from breathing, but no its so light i didn't even feel like i had anything on, now i will be mixing this with products over the makeup month of july to see how they stand up. Even though this looks like a glitter ball, i applied way too much and it also doesn't transfer so you wont be finding glitter speckles all week in places. Plus like I said 1 pump is far to much and I would use a third of the amount, I really enjoyed this texture and the way it absorbed into my skin, plus the glow it gave me. 
So as a rundown to how I would mix this with, Foundation - pat some in to the cheeks as a highlight and the Cupid's bow but mix with a dot of this to add a all over glow.
Body - use a pump amount and mix with an aftersun if on holiday or my moisturiser after tan. If in the UK I would use this along the neck area and legs to really bring out the features. I would not use all over daily as it could be too much , on holiday though I'd be like spread it all over. 

I love this and its a real alternative to anyone with dry skin whom wants an illuminator for winter also plus to have as a summer tan enhancer. Defiantly another lovely offering from Nourish. 

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