Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Beauteco box - July edition

So while I have I unsubscribed to all the major beauty boxes (Glossybox,birchbox,luxbox and glam guru) I however was intrigued by beaute box. It offers a box that is environmentally thought of with less packaging. Plus the brands they offer are also naturally safe to use although i would hope that they will increase the amount of brands as i will love to see more added so that there is nothing repeated. I love how there box gives you the option to choose what you wish to receive. 

They say :

We’re not going to say it’s where we think. That’d be a cliché. But it is where we put most of our effort to ensure what’s inside the box is as exciting as possible. Here at BeautecoBox, we know nothing beats that personal touch. So as well as letting you hand-pick the contents of your box. The result? A truly unique sampling experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

I like there style of giving you 3 box options and you then pick which you would like for that month. The products come within the box itself and no extra inside to remove and then fill your house like a stacking market of empty boxes. Just plain purple packing, wrapped in a simple tissue paper then a little card explaining the contents.

Recyclable packaging plus there is no need to excess waste. I really do like this box but may only stay for a couple of months as I have so much to use that my house is becoming rather over-crowded. However this box was very hard not to pass up due to the very content and size of them. 

So this months contents were 
Full sized Neal and wolf hair products (200mls per bottle, in all 3 box options) 
Art Deco kohl pencil 
Art Deco eyeshadow base 
Pukka serum and 2 sachets of cleanser

I was very impressed with these offerings as they are massivly sized plus I always wanted to try Art Deco before and this gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.
The eyeliner I've heard is a mix between a gel and normal liner so it will not smudge nor is hard to apply. I cannot wait to use the eyeshadow primer as its makeup I'm always loving to trial. Neal and wolf is a brand I've heard of being well thought of and respected.

I cannot wait to see what next months box offers. 

beautco box website and use the code Friend07 to receive 2 additional products included in your first box or you can use my friend link
The subscription is £10 with £2.95 for postage and packaging


  1. That sounds good! safe products are always better. I haven't subscribed to any boxes because there are so many and I really don't know which one I want. I like the boxes that give bigger sized products so you can really test them out. Sometimes you can't get a sense of if the product really works with just a small packet.

    1. Exactly my reason for leaving the main boxes as I was always now getting sachets, a few fine not ongoing months of a whole box of them, then see a box brimming with full sized.

      Thanks Hun x

  2. I had my first box this month and love it especially the Neal & Wolf products x

    1. I know, I could not believe the size of them. Plus amazing well known quality brand x major thumbs up from me x

      Thank you xx


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