Saturday, 13 July 2013

Saving money, Blogger brainstorming and thank you's

So I love my MAC, Urban decay and NARS as treats when I can save to afford a few to trial or I'm lucky to find a blog sale with some bits in. However now I'm saving and have only blog sale spends this month with my treat budget I'm really thinking that saving will be good. I appreciate my makeup and gifts when I'm given them. Il just explain a little as I use makeup as a therapy being that I am housebound due to an illness I find this a brilliant way to relax, unwind and express myself.

Being housebound I meet amazing people via Facebook and other social media and I've built up a wonderfully close set of special friends. They pick me up in spirit when I'm in hospital by sending me whitty banter. It's the little things that make these friendships so amazing. So while I say a huge thank you to all you amazing and supportive friends, also I must point out that I do receive some product's from companies to use (plus extremely grateful for) and I love to review these.

So as I missed budget June, I'm imposing a budget July with myself by saving and doing more looks and reviews. Also show what I use regularly, as I never do review my usual products in depth. Plus how i pick my facial products for a certain looks. I will be doing this as I love affordable makeup. We all love a bargain (its how my collection has begun to grow) and I want to show you some of my all time favourites. I will be adding a page to my blog each month which will be updated regularly, this will show how to save money, gain discount codes and also newsletters plus news from press releases. I will also love for everyone to feel free to add codes and offers in the comments to start a sharing circle.

It is about now i start to save for christmas and put a little aside, you may think I'm mad as its only July but i always find that starting now makes the burden in december less. Plus gives me a little pot to purchase a few of the christmas collections. I will be posting some products i no long want over summer. Also i will be doing posts of sales and bargains in the run up.  
So I welcome you to my blog and hope the summer gives you loads of joy and sunshine. I will be having some operations, till then I wanted to send a huge thanks to all my supportive friends and also my supportive followers. I will be opening 2 MAC competitions when my Facebook pages and GFC counters reach hit there little milestones. (See the black MAC picture on my Facebook for more details) 

Some of my favourite Summer finds have been Bioderma (Blue range), the Nivea Hydration primer and honey lip balm. I continue to love Elemis products as they make my skin feel refreshed and clean of impurities along with my clarisonic Mia.  
There are so many to name that i will be doing a run down next month of my holy grails i use and re-purchase on a regular basis. Plus companies i think are hidden gems like BeautyUK, Smooch, La Colors, Kiss, NUXE and many more.
I would love to thank my fellow bloggers for there amazing posts to which I've read and then purchased a absolute gem of a product. GIG, UK bloggers, Aloha blog hop etc your amazing and such a joy to network with.

So top tips
*Budget and have a little treat a month then save
* use Seller sites if you find you have to much
* Topcashback or money when you shop sites ... excellent way to make money back and have a fund for christmas.
*loyalty cards - Boots , debenhams, super-drug etc you name it get it, as the points rack up and really are work having and same for supermarket points.
*Do budget sheets and set yourself a goal to save and how much by... i know im OTT but its how i can afford treats on so little money
*samples or gifts when you spend -these offers are worth waiting for

So please feel free to comment here on on my Facebook, telling me what you would like to see reviewed, it can be from inspiration look requests to a Q&A session. We can do as much as you wish the world and blog is your oyster and i only can speak as i find.

So please feel free to comment below or visit my Facebook page to contribute any ideas you may have or requests of items you wish to see. 

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  1. I definitely agree with your treat yourself once a month comment, otherwise we'll all give up budgeting, xoxo.


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