Saturday, 13 July 2013

Baker days - Bespoke cake's through the letterbox

Baker-days are a cake making company with a difference. Often needed a cake at short notice but want to deliver it to a loved one across the country ? Or have family whom live miles away ? Fear not as now Baker-days offer occasion cakes that fit through the letterbox and literally come in the post in the box below. There is no damage and also its quality is not compromised. It ensures quick and reliable service.

They say -
The 'Letterbox cake' is a brand new product innovation. Designed so it can be safely packaged and posted to family and friends, it is the perfect size to fit though the letterbox so you don't have to worry about someone taking delivery. This cake may be small but it is sure large enough to celebrate the biggest of occasions! Try one today by logging on to!

So thank you to Bakerdays for allowing my family to trial your service. As you can see from the picture this box is dainty and Letterbox size, no postman knocked or missed delivery card. All you need it a kettle on for a cup of tea to accompany this lovely delivery.

So from the start you would contact them via the website and pick a cake or choose to make a bespoke one to your taste. Then on making this choice you personalise and pay. Then await the arrival of the cake to your loved one. We chose to surprise my father in law, who's birthday was that week and we knew he loved horses so asked for a horse print if possible. Not a problem for Bakerdays cakes.

It arrived in a rectangular box which was easily fitted through the letterbox with ease and no need for the postie to ring my bell. Inside the cake comes in a lovely and re-usable tin embossed with " Just for you" on it. Also enclosed comes a blank card to write a message in and also a bag with some party blowers, balloons and candles. This was a lovely touch to add in the box so the cake is truly celebrated fully with the recipient. 

So like I said we choose a black and white horse racer to be added to the cake with a simple happy birthday message. My father in law had no idea that this was arriving or that it contained a cake at the very least. Given the size of the box. So upon opening the cake is presented on a board already so all that was left to do was add the candles and make that wish. 

As you can see my father in law was really touched by the centiment of the cake and it was his passion which made it all the more special. We blew the balloons up, lit the candles and made sure the card was wrote on before he opened the tin.  My father in law shows that it is quite a big cake that easily will cater to 6 people which is in our family or 8 if like me you find cake a little rich. The icing is thicker to keep the moistness of the cake sealed in and the cake itself we all said had a ginger hint to it but was very delicious. Not what we expected from a delivery letterbox cake in a tin. I now think we will be using Baker-days cakes to treat family members rather then pay for a over-priced supermarket dry tasteless cake. 

So thank you Bakerdays for delivering a first class service to my father in law on his special day and why not try the letterbox service ? You won't be disappointed.

Letterbox Cake! *NEW* from £14.99 (inc. delivery) 

The amazing Baker Days Team


  1. This sounds like a great idea! I'll check them out, I have a cake addiction, its so bad that I end up buying small birthday cakes to curb my habit lol, xoxo.

  2. I sampled one a little while ago and loved it too :-) You can see my post at

    Helen X

  3. Ive sampled one and think the idea is fantastic xx


  4. I love your blog :)

    Visit my blog

  5. I love this idea! Who doesn't love cake :)


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